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"The Eradication Agenda, Conclusion": The outer space, inside Zeh-ro's launch station

Quote1.png Once, we worked together as Batman and Robin. Why don't we revive that partnership and combine what we have to improve the world? Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #47 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 22, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Eradication Agenda, Conclusion"

The outer space, inside Zeh-ro's launch station

Terry, Elainna and Damian are about to be thrown into deep space, when Goliath finds a way to keep the doors separating them from certain death closed enough: as Terry gives the beast a hand, Elainna and Damian rewire the circuit of the door, closing it. Goliath then is able to wrestle Terry inside before it was too late. They survive Zeh-ro's trap, and then head towards him to finally stop this Ice Age nonsense. Once there, they coordinate their attack with Dick: as Damian and Grayson guide the Wayne satellites against the net projected by the League to stop the sun from reaching Earth, Elainna goes outside and starts a chain reaction that deactivates Zeh-ro's construct.

Then, Terry delivers the final blow to the former head scientist of the League: together with Damian, Goliath and Elainna they escape, before it's too late. Back on Earth, Bruce, Barbara and Matt were able to use the resources inside the Bat-Suite to save themselves and the citizens of Neo-Gotham, and thanks to the action of Terry and his team in space, the world is now safe and coming back to life. Terry and Bruce then propose to Damian to re-found the League together, with him at command, into a force of justice approved by the people, which Damian accepts to do. As they party for the victory, a man stands outside: it's Booster Gold, with his loyal mate Skeets. They are here to prevent a future where there would be no Batman...

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