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"Canceled by Yesterday, Part One": Neo-Gotham. Decades from the present

Quote1.png I've only known old Bruce. Took the suit from the Batcave to avenge my dad's murder. It'll be nice to meet him during his early Batman-- Quote2.png
Batman (Terry McGinnis)

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #48 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 27, 2020.

Synopsis for "Canceled by Yesterday, Part One"

Neo-Gotham. Decades from the present

Terry just finished another night of patrol, and is coming to the Bat-Suite to have some pizza with Matt, but first he needs to report to the boss: Bruce Wayne, the former Batman and Terry's mentor. But something's off with Bruce: he starts to threaten Terry, telling him he knows he is a killer sent for his life, but that tougher people tried to kill Bruce Wayne. Matt and Terry are confused, but must react when Bruce activates the lethal defensive drones inside the Bat-Suite, ready to kill them.

Terry was saved by a mysterious individual, who calls himself Booster Gold. Booster cannot believe Terry does not know who he is, but he uses his force field to stop the drones from killing Terry and takes him outside. While there, he explains to Terry he is secretly the guardian of the timeline, making sure everything happens as it should, with no one messing with the right direction of time. He then tells Terry that what witnessed with Bruce was the result of a "time-bomb" which was planted inside the old man's mind back in the days when he fought as Batman. Booster also tells Terry that Bruce already killed Matt, even if McGinnis was desperate to leave and save his little brother.

Promising Terry that if he follows him they will save his brother, by undoing everything that has happened since the time-bomb struck the mind of Bruce, Booster calls for Skeets and throws Terry inside his time-sphere, travelling with him in the past....

Gotham. 2020

Booster, Skeets and Terry end up in 2020, with McGinnis still not really trusting what Booster told him: in the end, Skeets is able to calm down Batman, and Booster promises him that if they do things right, Matt will be alive once they come back to his time. But there is one thing he must absolutely avoid: Terry and Bruce must not meet in this era, or the entire timeline would be put at risk. Then, a fire starts in the city, and of course both heroes go to the rescue, and soon find out the telepath and serial killer Blanque was the cause of the mess: Booster thinks that he's been the one who put the time-bomb inside Bruce's head as well.

So, Booster must stop Blanque while checking on the Batman of this era, to avoid him getting the time-bomb in his head. But as he fights with the criminal, Terry heads to another house to save a child in danger. Astonished, Terry finds out the kid is Warren McGinnis, his own father: he probably shouldn't have met him like that. And to make things worse, once he steps out of the house, Batman, the original one, spots him, telling him to put the kid down...

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