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"Canceled by Yesterday, Part Two": Gotham City. 2020

Quote1.png If dad dies here as a child, there will be no me -- no Batman of the future. No one to save Bruce Wayne. Quote2.png
Batman (Terry McGinnis)

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #49 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of January, 2021. It was published on November 24, 2020.

Synopsis for "Canceled by Yesterday, Part Two"

Gotham City. 2020

Terry just saved his father from certain death, but must not reveal to the kid he is not the Batman of this timeline, so he lies about his suit. As the flames are hiding him from the original Batman, Terry flees with Warren while Booster calls the attention of Bruce, explaining to him that the kid is safe, and the guy with him is allied with Booster. Bruce tries to make Booster tell why he is here, but he answers the timeline is not involved, and he came to support Bruce in the fight with Blanque, giving his terrible telepathic powers.

Meanwhile, Skeets and Terry talk with Warren, making sure he does not understand he is talking with another Batman. But the conversation they have probably affected the actions of Warren in the future, especially about doing the right thing. Still, Terry has to help Booster in the fight against Blanque, especially after the telepath knocked Bruce unconscious, and then took control of the mind of Gold himself. Thanks also to the help of Skeets, Booster gets out of the mind-control of Blanque and all together they defeat the telepath.

While Terry gets away to salute for the last time his dad, Booster comments on how he succeeded in tricking Terry, feeling a little guilty but knowing it was for the better good. After a brief talk with Batman, they leave, getting back to the future...

Neo-Gotham. The Bat-Suite

Terry gets home, and he's happy to find out his brother is alive and well, like Booster promised. Bruce and Matt both are confused by Terry's own words, but McGinnis promises he will explain later. As he leaves together with Matt, Bruce tells Booster to come out. The plan succeeded: Bruce acted, faking a mind-control and an aggressive behavior towards Matt and Terry, so that Booster could convince him to travel back in time. Matt already knows it was a trick.

It all started when Bruce retrieved the journal of Warren McGinnis, where he wrote about how Batman inspired him to do the right thing, which was denounce Derek Powers for his illegal experiments. Thing is, he wrote about a Batman with red wings, flying through the air, and that's when Bruce understood somehow Warren saw his own son that day, believing him to be the Batman of the past. And so, Bruce and Booster had to orchestrate this, to make sure the Batman legacy still went on in the future. With Terry not travelling back in time, the timeline would have been changed, and Batman in Neo-Gotham was never going to exist. As Bruce knows well, some tragedies must not be erased.

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