"Curtainfall": Decades from now...

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Wonder Woman

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #50 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of February, 2021. It was published on December 22, 2020.

Synopsis for "Curtainfall"

Decades from now...

A woman is watching footage of a man resembling Batman killing an airport guard to steal some Wayne cargo. She is shocked about the fact the murderer looks like the new Batman of Neo-Gotham, but she must check out what happened...

Meanwhile, in Neo-Gotham

Terry is flying around the city when Melanie contacts him: Matt and Bruce were attacked by someone, and while Terry's little brother is all right, the situation with Bruce is quite bad. He must come quickly to the hospital, but Melanie also tells him that the police will try to stop him. Terry does not care about any problems the GCPD could have with him: he catapults himself to the hospital, where he finds out what happened. Someone who resembled Batman attacked both Matt and Bruce in the Bat-Suite, stealing a piece of tech. Bruce, defending Matt, was stroke by an heart attack, and is in need of a transplant. And of course, he's the first suspect for the GCPD, as Barbara would blow his cover if she intervenes.

Hoping that Bruce will recover, Terry starts to investigate, and he finds out another hero is on the case: the legendary Wonder Woman, who already knows Terry is not behind the attacks. She reports to him about the murder of the airport guard and about what the killer stole, and Terry guesses where to find the criminal: Wayne Research and Development. In there, they find out who was the shapeshifting killer: Inque, who is trying to put together a mechanism able to stabilize his structure. Without it, she will die.

As they fight against her and make her unstable with sonic waves, Terry collects her in the same construct she wanted to build, both stopping her and offering her a chance at survival. Diana is struck by how Terry handled the whole thing: Inque is a killer, and she even tried to make Batman the scapegoat for the murder of the guard and, possibly, of Bruce Wayne, but he still chose life, and to give her a chance at survival. She understands why Bruce chose him to take on the mantle of Batman. As Melanie calls him once again, telling Bruce rejected the first transplanted organ, he comes back to the hospital.

In the end, Bruce is safe and the second operation was a success: it will take more than an heart attack to kill him. Terry, going outside, meets Diana once again, who tells him some associates of her were watching how he handled his hero business. They decided to offer him a spot in the Justice League, after all, there would be no League without a Batman.

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