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"Apocalypse Girl": A Batman Elseworlds tale set in an alternative, futuristic Earth, named Earth 14Q3X-9 follows Zia, a young party girl who is the daughter of a scientist working on a portal, as she is transported to an alternative Gotham city where Batman is used as a marketing brand.

Batman Chronicles #21 is an issue of the series Batman Chronicles (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2000.

Synopsis for "Apocalypse Girl"

A Batman Elseworlds tale set in an alternative, futuristic Earth, named Earth 14Q3X-9 follows Zia, a young party girl who is the daughter of a scientist working on a portal, as she is transported to an alternative Gotham city where Batman is used as a marketing brand.

Zia heads out on the town to club Xanadu with her friend Minni. After refusing to take drugs from the aforementioned friend, Minni spikes Zia's drink anyway. In a drug addled state Zia finds her way home into her scientist father's laboratory only to stumble into his portal and find herself in an alternate Gotham on the other side, where Batman is everything from consumerist products to the theme of thug gangs that roam the parks. Still in a heightened state, Zia finds herself in front of another club and mistaking it for Xanadu, walks in. Zia is approached by a man and together they go back to his place for the night only for Zia to wake up in the morning, sober and to the sight of the man disintegrated on the floor. Scared and disoriented, Zia flees the apartment. Batman, by the tip of Gordon, begins to investigate the "murder."

Appearing in "Apocalypse Girl"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman

Supporting Characters:

  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Zia Halogien (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Krash (Single appearance)
  • Minni (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Halogien (Single appearance)
  • Mrs. Halogien (Single appearance)
  • Nic-Lan (Single appearance)
  • Warp (Single appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Citizen Wayne"

The eccentric billionaire mogul Bruce Foster Wayne dies in his mansion, and his last word is "Rosebud." Reporter Clark Kent is sent to interview his closest friends in an attempt to discover what his last word meant, visiting Selina Kyle, Dick Grayson, James Gordon and a man named "Jack." His last visit is to Alfred Pennyworth, who explains that "rosebud" was the word written on the side of the gun used to murder Wayne's parents by a mugger.

Appearing in "Citizen Wayne"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



Synopsis for "A Silent Tale of the Bat"

A silent tale of a world where everybody is Batman and all children have to endure the events that made Bruce Wayne so.

Appearing in "A Silent Tale of the Bat"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman

Supporting Characters:

  • Martha Wayne
  • Thomas Wayne


  • Joe Chill





  • "Citizen Wayne" is the first-published DC work of Brian Michael Bendis, who entered an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics soon after. Bendis (apart from an illustration for Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City) would not return to DC until Action Comics #1000 in 2018.

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