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"The Common Limit": As Batwing and Jim Corrigan make their way into Arkham Asylum, the woman at the reception desk asks if she can help them. Jim responds that she doesn't even work there, admitting to Batwing that he had arres

Quote1.png I'm picking up traces of an organic aerosol. It's... human spinal fluid? God. My mask's filtering it out, but you're breathing it. Quote2.png

Batman Eternal #15 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 16, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Common Limit"

As Batwing and Jim Corrigan make their way into Arkham Asylum, the woman at the reception desk asks if she can help them. Jim responds that she doesn't even work there, admitting to Batwing that he had arrested her before. She is a patient at Arkham. Batwing confirms that she is Magpie, and tranquilizes her, wondering how she got out of her cell in the first place. Leading him further inside, Jim points out the long-dead corpses of the guards, explaining that whatever is at work here is a magical influence, and that is what they have come to uncover.

Having long ago discovered that Harper Row was stowed away on his aircraft, Red Robin sees no problem with forcing her to remain crouched in his cargo bay for the entire nine-hour flight to Tokyo. Finally, he admits that he has known she was there all along, and allows her to come out and stretch her cramping muscles. So long as she's here, though, she'll have to stay in the plane while he seeks out his lead on the nanotech that poisoned her brother Cullen. She does not respond favourably.

Deeper in the asylum, Batwing discovers that the air has been filled with an aerosol of human spinal fluid. As they pass by the Riddler's cell, they spot a coded message written on the wall, but Jim warns that the Riddler is far too rational a man to be involved with something magic based. Jonathan Crane, however, is perhaps just irrational enough. In the Scarecrow's room, a pillar of blood is rising from the floor, and pooling on the ceiling. Jim explains that this is the result of an Aetheric Pylon, located underneath the cell - which means they're getting closer to the source, and that whomever is behind this is very skilled. Standing on the threshold of the stairwell downward, Jim warns that this is Batwing's last chance to avoid getting involved, but he insists on staying.

In the darkened halls, Jim explains that the protective spell he cast before they entered the asylum will protect them both from the Hellwind that blows down there, warping any soul it touches. However, the presence of such a dangerous magic suggests to him that Batwing would be better off not following him. Batwing persists, but his attention is caught suddenly by the horrific sight of the Scarecrow's body being used to fuel the Aetheric Pylon. Seeing it, Jim realizes just who is responsible for this dark magic - but he has no time to share that with Batwing, as the inmates begin rushing out through the walls to attack them. Overwhelmed, Batwing begs Jim to unleash The Spectre.

In Old Gotham, Batman interrupts a GCPD bust on another of The Roman's operations to congratulate Lt. Jason Bard on his success in putting a damper on the gang war that had been building in the city. Jason reminds that Batman's methods don't exactly help the police much, in terms of paperwork, but he is a help to them overall. The two men shake hands.

Jim responds with frustration that he can't simply call on the Spectre to help them. His relationship with the spirit of vengeance does not work that way. Unfortunately, the inmates decide to target Batwing, and begin dragging him down through the floor, and there is nothing Jim can do to stop it.

In Rio de Janeiro, Batgirl warns Red Hood that she doesn't want his help in clearing her dad's name. He responds that nobody should work alone if they don't have to. When the pair break into the plastic surgeon's office that was implicated by Gonzolo Dominguez, they are surprised to find a third Bat is there already. Batwoman is already there interrogating Dr. Mangaravite, and upon seeing the new arrivals, she explains that the doctor has ties to the Religion of Crime, and so they both might have some questions for him.

Batwing lands uncomfortably at the feet of the Joker's Daughter. Jim, meanwhile, is dragged to the tunnels beneath Arkham, to meet the one responsible for the dark magic. Upon seeing him, Jim shouts that he won't let them have Batwing or the Spectre. With a smirk, the man introduces himself as Mister Bygone, and scoffs that Jim has already given them everything.

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