"The Savior": Three years ago, Deacon Blackfire was an evangelist for the homeless. Now, he is something much worse. Beneath Arkham Asylum, he has been resurrected into the body of Maxie Zeus. Having come to Arkham spe

Quote1.png You're leading me around through this nightmare like it's business as usual. Like I'm supposed to accept the supernatural. I accept it, okay? And now I'm going to kick its ass! Quote2.png

Batman Eternal #17 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 30, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Savior"

Three years ago, Deacon Blackfire was an evangelist for the homeless. Now, he is something much worse. Beneath Arkham Asylum, he has been resurrected into the body of Maxie Zeus. Having come to Arkham specifically to stop that from happening, Batwing and Jim Corrigan are not excited by their prospects.

Luke Fox's roommate Rory, meanwhile, wakes from a horrific dream of his friend being murdered by the Joker's Daughter. Worriedly, he leaves Luke a message, but upon hanging up notices that Luke has been tinkering with the GPS device in his phone; the tools still laid out on his desk.

Tiring of simply letting the supernatural prove itself to him, Batwing decides it's time to kick the supernatural's ass, despite Jim's warnings to play it cool.

In Tokyo, Red Robin accuses Sergei Alexandrov of being responsible for the attack by nanobots bearing his signature in Gotham City. Grumpily, the old man warns Tim to show some respect, focusing his attention on newcomer Harper Row instead. When she is nearly stabbed with a syringe by Alexandrov's pet monkey, Harper short-circuit's the creature's prosthetics and warns that there will be more where that came from if the old man doesn't help. Annoyed, he looks at the designs and admits that these are decommissioned and obsolete designs that were stolen from him. Red Robin comments that he thinks this is a lie and insists that Alexandrov return to Gotham with them.

At Wayne Manor, Julia Pennyworth presses her father once more to explain how he went from a military medic to a mere servant. Alfred explains that his own father Jarvis had been butler to the Wayne Family before him, and his father had been before that. Reminding her of her role with the S.R.R., he notes that she should understand what it means to serve an ideal. She is incredulous, claiming that serving a party boy like Bruce Wayne is hardly an ideal. Idly, Alfred leans against the clock that serves as the secret entrance to the Batcave.

After his sermons, three years ago, Blackfire would select members of his audience to be chained below his ministry. In addition, he captured the Batman and kept him drugged and sleep-deprived for days in his basement. He would force Batman to drink drugged water in the hopes of converting him to his cult - but even after so long, it had not worked. Leading his followers into Batman's prison, Blackfire preached that the vigilante craved crime in Gotham, wishing to see the city crippled by it only so he could save it. He challenged his followers to show Batman he was wrong by beating him to death, but Batman challenged Blackfire to face him alone first. He looked over the followers, seeing that they had obviously been manipulated to join his cause. The men turned on Blackfire, challenging him to show them his righteous power. Batman freed himself of his chains, and taunted Blackfire until it was clear to all that he was just a cowardly fraud. Soon, the former followers began beating Blackfire instead.

Now, Blackfire has returned with real power. Worriedly, Jim Corrigan begs The Spectre to take action, but to no avail - and Batwing has gone missing. As Blackfire's followers spill out into the outside world, Jim is dragged into darkness without any help.

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