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"Wild Animals": In the Tijuca Rain Forest of Rio de Janeiro, Batgirl confronts Dr. Falsario, intending to hold him responsible for tampering with her father Jim Gordon's mind, making him inadvert

Quote1.png Ain't about you, Jim. See, my daughter grew up without a dad. Didn't want it to happen to someone else... Didn't want it to happen to your Barbara. Quote2.png
Leo Leone

Batman Eternal #20 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 20, 2014.

Synopsis for "Wild Animals"

In the Tijuca Rain Forest of Rio de Janeiro, Batgirl confronts Dr. Falsario, intending to hold him responsible for tampering with her father Jim Gordon's mind, making him inadvertently responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Meanwhile, in the Gotham Underground, Batman, Killer Croc, and Jason Bard have discovered The Ten-Eyed Man attempting to sacrifice a girl named Jade in order to open some kind of inter-dimensional portal. As they fight off the cultist's followers, Batman fires his Bat-Rope to keep Jade tethered on this side of the portal. Croc manages to grab her and get her to Jason for safety as the foundations of the underground begin to crumble.

At Blackgate Penitentiary, Maggie Sawyer attempts to negotiate a peaceful end to the riot inside the prison with Thaddeus Volt of the Penguin's crew, while Warden Agatha Zorbatos herself is stuck trying to get the Penguin and The Roman out of the Maximum Security wing before the rioting prisoners get to them and tear them apart. Despite the danger, Jim Gordon, meanwhile, has decided to separate from the relative safety of Agatha's plan to risk the hallways to save the guards the other inmates have kidnapped.

Harvey Bullock calls Agatha to inform her that the Penguin's men want to trade The Roman for their hostages, but when he learns of Jim's plan, he insists they wait on him. Despite the whining of Marcus Row, Agatha agrees, insisting that they will protect the Penguin and Carmine Falcone with their lives in the meantime, but she worries when she realizes that Leo Leone - Jim's cellmate - has disappeared.

As Jim creates a distraction for himself in his attempt to free the guards, Leo takes his open cell as an opportunity to shave off his beard and remove his old dentures, to replace them with his old sharpened set. Despite successfully using a combination of fire-sprinklers and liquid nitrogen to down the Penguin's men, Jim is suddenly jolted into submission by a taser held by one of the Roman's men, who then take the hostages for themselves. Before they can make off, they are attacked and torn to pieces by a man they had thought long dead: Rex Calabrese - The Lion. He had been posing as Leo Leone this whole time.

Batgirl catches up to Dr. Falsario again, only to find him dead. A sword embedded in a nearby tree suggests that the murderer is nearby. She had needed him alive.

In the Underground, despite getting Jade to safety, Jason Bard turns his gun on Killer Croc, attempting to place the creature under arrest for the murder of two GCPD detectives and a SWAT captain whose flak jackets he found in Croc's trophy room. Croc responds that the three had deserved it, but Jason insists that it will be for the courts to decide. Croc shoves Jade into Batman's arms and then crashes through a wall, weakening the foundations of the Underground further and forcing the others to run for their lives or be trapped.

Agatha thanks Jim for his help in returning order to the prison, but he refuses to accept responsibility. He turns to the Lion and demands to know why someone of Rex Calabrese's standing would remain in hiding in prison for years. Rex responds that he does feel he deserves to be there, for all that he did, whether he did everything he was accused of or not. He suspects Jim can relate. He explains that his own daughter grew up without a dad, and one of the reasons he intervened today was to prevent any of the guards' daughters from going through the same - or Jim's own daughter.

Batgirl returns to the toy factory where Batwoman is ensuring that those enslaved their can reunite with their families, and shut the factories down. Barbara spots Red Hood standing alone and reports that Falsario was murdered by an assassin. Jason explains that they don't need him. Batwoman pulled plenty of evidence they can use to prove Jim Gordon's innocence. Happily, Barbara embraces him.

Batman admits to Alfred Pennyworth that perhaps Jason Bard is a good cop, through and through, after all. Alfred quips that he's one-for-two, and suggests that if Bruce gets home soon enough, he'll be able to share the hangover breakfast he made his daughter Julia following her night out at the clubs.

Using the wi-fi at a local cafe, Stephanie Brown uses her blog, which had previously been a gossip and spoiler-heavy website critiquing the entertainment industry, she vents her concerns about her super-villain father, and the fact that nobody seems to believe her about what he's planning. So, she has decided to strike out on her own, with no support, to put a stop to him as a masked vigilante.

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