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"From On High": Having hijacked a GCPD helicopter, Batman has a good view of the beam of energy shooting skyward from Arkham Asylum. Julia Pennyworth warns that a 737 passenger jet was overhead when

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Batman Eternal #30 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 29, 2014.

Synopsis for "From On High"

Having hijacked a GCPD helicopter, Batman has a good view of the beam of energy shooting skyward from Arkham Asylum. Julia Pennyworth warns that a 737 passenger jet was overhead when the blast occurred, and hundreds of people will die if its course can't be corrected. At Batman's command, she sends the Batplane to intercept it, and drag it to its destination. Nervously, Julia adds that she has also decoded the Riddler's message, and hopes Batwing can still be raised on comms.

Unfortunately, Batwing and Jim Corrigan have fallen to Deacon Blackfire's magic beneath the asylum. Nearby, The Joker's Daughter worries that whatever Blackfire is up to is not to the plan she intended, when she discoveres that someone is watching her. Suddenly, The Spectre bursts out of Jim's chest, warning that whatever Blackfire thinks he is, there will be no crossings of the worlds at this time and place. The spirit rips Blackfire from Maxie Zeus' body, and crushes his ghost in his fist, warning that the breach will be sealed and the escaped spirits will be contained. With Blackfire's threat nullified, the spirit abruptly returns to Jim's body, dropping both he and Batwing to the ground. As Jim shoulders Batwing's weight, and they begin their escape from the crumbling asylum, Joker's Daughter is lured away by her observer with promises of a gift.

Despite the beam of energy's dispersal and the rescue of the plane's passengers, Batman is horrified to see the foundations of the Asylum crumbling, and he vainly cries out, knowing that he cannot prevent the whole place from coming down.

Inside, Alfred Pennyworth sees the floor of his cell cracking open and tries to assure himself that none of this is real. Across the hall, Bane desperately tries to hammer his fists against the door of his own cell, hoping to break free before he is lost under rubble. Unfortunately for all those still inside, the Asylum can stand no more, and it collapses entirely with Alfred, Corrigan, and Batwing still inside, its debris sinking down into the tunnels that were once beneath it.

Batman and Julia mourn the hundreds of deaths they were unable to prevent, despite knowing that the asylum was a part of the assault on Gotham. Trapped in the rubble, Batwing calls out for help, as his arms are pinned. Unfortunately, nobody can hear him, and his suit's systems are failing. Worrying that he is going into shock, Luke begins to pray. As his suit loses power completely, he loses consciousness.

Batman climbs up from the sinkhole only to find himself surrounded by the GCPD, and with no other option, he dives back down into the hole, leaving a trail of black smoke behind him, obscuring the officers' views. Painfully, he drops down into the wreckage, where he is attacked suddenly by the Joker's daughter, who has been outfitted with a vest of explosives set to a timer. She grins as she activates it.

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