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"Out of Control": It has been two weeks since Batman took down Hush - but things are not looking good for Bruce Wayne in the meantime. His assets and accounts have been seized or frozen by the government. His family home ha

Quote1.png I want you to understand that this is personal, and this is right. The world you built just breaks everyone around you... and now you're just going to have to break with it. Quote2.png
Jason Bard

Batman Eternal #35 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 3, 2014.

Synopsis for "Out of Control"

It has been two weeks since Batman took down Hush - but things are not looking good for Bruce Wayne in the meantime. His assets and accounts have been seized or frozen by the government. His family home has also been made the new location for Arkham Asylum, as well. Worse, the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises, along with any remnant of Batman Incorporated has been taken. Despite his fondness for Bruce, Lucius Fox can only remind, over coffee, that he had warned him to diversify his investments.

While Lucius excuses himself for a moment, Bruce takes a call from Julia Pennyworth, who is getting aggravated by the noise of the construction crews and the equally upset bats above the Batcave. Bruce explains that until a location within the city can be secured, she will have to remain there, and maintain the security of the cave while the asylum is moving into the manor. Further to Julia's annoyance, Hush has been imprisoned in the cave with her. Bruce reminds that Jason Bard and the GCPD cannot be trusted with Hush. When Lucius returns, Bruce prepares to take his leave, but Lucius gives him a warning to pass on to Batman - Jason Bard has taken him as well.

Meanwhile, Vicki Vale begins to sense a tension in Jason Bard's voice as they talk on the phone. Something has been on his mind for weeks, from what she can tell, but he refuses to talk about it. He notes with annoyance that she had decided to skip town recently, and she responds that she was following a lead from outside the city. Frustrated, Jason admits that he wants to tell Vicki about what's on his mind - why he came to Gotham City from Detroit in the first place - but it will have to wait until he does one last thing. Jason is unaware, upon hanging up, that Vicki is currently in Detroit, hoping to find out just what Jason's secret really is.

From the roof of the Police Headquarters, Bard has the Beacon Tower construction site destroyed by Lucius in order to lure Batman out of hiding. Against Julia's warnings, Batman speeds toward the site, and finds his communications interrupted by Jason Bard, who attempts to place him under arrest.

In Detroit, Vicki and her partner Joey Day stop by a well known cop bar in order to talk to Frank, the bartender, about Jason. She name-drops their mutual friend, Warren Spacey, and Frank opens up, explaining that Jason had turned bad after encountering a wannabe Batman in Detroit.

Jason explains that Lucius can disable nearly any safeguard within the Batmobile, because he designed them, and promises that nothing Batman does will prevent the police from catching him. On Jason's command, Lucius hands control of the vehicle over to him, and Jason attempts to fire up the jet propulsion system, despite the danger to the civilians on the streets. As a result, the car launches off of an overpass toward a nearby building, through it, and into the next. Batman realizes that the car is headed for Wayne Tower, and he tries to coach Julia to help him stop the car. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how, and so Batman tries to convince Jason to give up his attack on him. Angrily, Jason responds that Batman has no idea why he's doing this. As the car makes contact with Wayne Tower, and begins speeding toward the other end of the building, Julia realizes that this is her last chance to save Bruce - the car will be in free-fall once it exits the building.

As the car begins to nosedive, Jason explains that this is a personal and justified attack.

In Detroit, Frank explains that Jason Bard lost everything he had because of men like Batman - and he became a man prepared to burn down the world to make things right.

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