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"Turn and Turn Again": Several of Batman's enemies have been outfitted by a mysterious benefactor with the weapons and gadgets he'd once used against them. It is clear that whoever gave it all to them cleaned the Batman's stores out - and had the means to get [[Arthur Br

Quote1.png About as bad as it can be. And I get this feeling, you know? ... Like it's all coming together into something worse. Quote2.png
Selina Kyle

Batman Eternal #40 is an issue of the series Batman Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 7, 2015.

Synopsis for "Turn and Turn Again"

Several of Batman's enemies have been outfitted by a mysterious benefactor with the weapons and gadgets he'd once used against them. It is clear that whoever gave it all to them cleaned the Batman's stores out - and had the means to get Cluemaster out of state custody. Selina Kyle, who was invited, is disgusted by the display, having made her own way in Gotham's mob scene to the point that she now runs more of the city than even the Penguin or Carmine Falcone ever had. The voice of their benefactor warns that she is either with them or against them - because they are about to bring Gotham to its knees. Her response is that they should join her, but if they're intent to become mass-murderers instead, they will pray Batman catches them before she does. As she steps back into her limousine, Firefly blasts it with a flamethrower, causing it to explode with her inside.

Having been caught in an avalanche on Miller Mountain, Batman finally emerges from the snow, and uses heat-vision to locate the Riddler, who is fortunately, still alive. As he drags Nygma from the snow, back towards Gotham, Nygma begs him not to. If they go back, they'll die there. He insists, though, that he's not scared, he's merely being logical.

In the offices of the Gotham Gazette, Vicki Vale has just witnessed her coworker Warren Spacey shot by an intern named Patrick, who now needs to kill her, to silence her. He claims that even if she escaped, she couldn't convince the law to come for him, because he could be an undercover cop - possibly a bluff. When he finds her hiding under her desk, she avoids getting shot by spraying him in the eyes with mace, and grabbing his dropped pistol to club him into unconsciousness. She comments that he can't be a cop - so he must work for someone. In the meantime, she calls 9-1-1 in the hope that they will arrive before Warren dies of his wound.

Desperately, the Riddler continues his attempts to escape Batman's grasp, reminding that he will never tell Batman what he knows - he had only led Batman there to make him think for himself. Unmoved, Batman promises that, whatever the case, Nygma will be returning to Gotham with him, and going to prison.

Mister Freeze doubts that Selina Kyle is actually dead. Surely she escaped the explosion. Signalman agrees that Gotham is not the place to make assumptions - especially since they can't see a body in the flaming wreckage. Eager to begin causing havoc, the others what they can, and get moving, while Clayface dons one of Batman's cowls, and assumes his identity. Hidden in the shadows, Selina comments to herself that this is going to be fun. When they're gone, she steps outside to find Killer Croc waiting for her with a car. She reports that it went about as badly as they had expected, and worries that things will only get worse from here. Croc suggests that the Batman will be able to handle these crooks.

Selina decides to do some research of her own, and calls for her men to get her a list of all of the hits and bounties in Gotham, looking for anything where the reward looks like more than it should be. Right off the bat, she is alerted to the hit on the head of Stephanie Brown, who appears to be some kind of witness to something done by her father - the Cluemaster. She decides that this is where her attention should be focused. Meanwhile, the Batplane speeds overhead.

Elsewhere, Jim Corrigan emerges at last from a drain pipe, having finally escaped the tunnels beneath Arkham. He is followed soon after by the unconscious body of Maxie Zeus. He takes the opportunity to remove all remaining magical traces of Deacon Blackfire's black magic from the man's body. Sighing, he comments that he hadn't meant to let The Spectre blow up Arkham - but they were lucky enough that the spirit didn't bring down the whole city with it. A sudden explosion downtown leads him to remark, though, that somebody else seems to be doing a fine job of it, though. Acknowledging that he still has duties as a cop, Jim begins dragging Maxie to the nearest precinct, hoping that law and order can at least provide some kind of stability in Gotham.

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