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"Find the Batcave and Rule the Underworld": In order to learn the secret location of the Batcave, Killer Moth and Cavalier go after Batgirl and Robin.

Quote1.png Aw, go swallow a sword, Cavalier! It should be a cinch after the size of the hoax you swallowed! Quote2.png
Killer Moth

Batman Family #15 is an issue of the series Batman Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1978.

Synopsis for "Find the Batcave and Rule the Underworld"

In order to learn the secret location of the Batcave, Killer Moth and Cavalier go after Batgirl and Robin.

Killer Moth first starts a crime spree in Washington, D.C. to get Batgirl's attention. Once they face each other, Killer Moth makes it clear that he plans to attack Batman next, hoping that Batgirl would immediately contact the Dark Knight. Instead, Batgirl contacts Commissioner Gordon and soon, Batgirl is summoned by Gordon to Gotham City. Killer Moth follows Batgirl and realizing that the heroine has not taken his threat seriously, he attacks her while she is talking to Gordon. Killer Moth insists on his plan of attacking Batman, but Batgirl knows that the criminal has second intentions and so she decides to play along and goes directly to the beach house of Jason Bard. Killer Moth follows Batgirl there and comes to the wrong conclusion that Bard is Batman and he soon starts looking for the entrance to the Batcave. While Killer Moth is distracted, he is attacked by Barbara and defeated.

Meanwhile, Cavalier strikes at Hudson University and manages to switch one of Robin's Batarangs with a fake one, in order to track down the young hero. Robin suspects some fowl play and he leads Cavalier to an area outside of New Carthage. Cavalier loses track of Robin for a few seconds, but when he locates the signal again, he finds a secret entrance to a giant tree base of operations. Inside, Cavalier finds all sorts of machines and apparent alien devices and he comes to the wrong conclusion that the place is in fact Batman and Robin's secret headquarters and that they are aliens from another planet. At that moment, Robin confronts the baffled Cavalier, who is easily defeated by the Teen Wonder.

In the aftermath, Killer Moth and Cavalier are taken to the Gotham State Penitentiary, where they exchange their wrong conclusions. In the meantime, Robin and Batgirl talk about their cases and Robin explains that he had help from Superman to build that fantastic fake alien base.

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Synopsis for "Target: The Shotgun Sniper!"

After his rendevouz in Gotham City, Jason Bard travels to New York City and tries to contact Kirk Langstrom while looking for the killer called the Shotgun Sniper. Unfortunately, Man-Bat is out on the city trying to gain rewards from capturing criminals, but his efforts are pretty much futile since he can only stop minor offenders and the New York City Police Department wouldn't help him in any way.

For this reason, Bard only finds Kirk's pregnant wife, Francine, at home and he decides to make her some questions. Bard informs Francine that he is looking for the Shotgun Sniper and he asks her if she knew any of the victims of the killer. As it turns out, Francine knows everyone on the list, since all of them were her previous boyfriends or close acquaintances. It becomes clear that Bard suspects that Kirk is the Shotgun Killer because of the victims connections, but knowing the truth that Kirk is really Man-Bat, Francine just asks Bard to leave her home.

Jason goes to the rooftop of the building to the front of the Langstrom's home, to check on them, but at that moment, Man-Bat senses a crime about to be commited in his neighborhood. Man-Bat spots Jason on the rooftop and he assumes he is the crimnal. Both men engage in combat, unaware that the Shotgun Killer has them both and Francine on his sight.

Appearing in "Target: The Shotgun Sniper!"

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  • The main story is told in two parts, an epilogue and a prologue.
    • Part 1: Batgirl starring in "Mothridden Murder"
    • Part 2: Robin starring in "Cavalier Con Game"


  • On the Batgirl chapter, there is a reference to Gnarrk, the Cave Boy.

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