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This paperback collects the Batman Incorporated storyline. It was originally published in its own comic book series Batman Incorporated from January to October, 2011, and in the one-shot Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! in February, 2012. The storyline was written by Grant Morrison. It was illustrated by Yanick Paquette, Pere Pérez, Chris Burnham, Scott Clark, and Cameron Stewart.

In this story Bruce Wayne tells the world that he is the financial backer of Batman. After that he establishes a worldwide franchise of Batmen to protect the entire globe. This is the beginning of a stunning new direction for the world's greatest detective that will team him with Catwoman, Batwoman and Batman Incorporated representatives on international crimefighting missions against Lord Death Man in Japan, South America and Argentina.

In the Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!Batman realizes to his horror that he's been outwitted as the true identity of Leviathan continues to elude him.


This paperback collects the following comic books: