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"Part One: Demon Star": In a graveyard, Bruce Wayne tells Alfred that Batman Incorporated, as well as Batman, is finished, just before the police show up to arrest him.

Quote1 As of now I'm a vegetarian. And this is Bat-Cow. Quote2

Batman Incorporated (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Batman Incorporated (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2012. It was published on May 23, 2012.

Synopsis for "Part One: Demon Star"

In a graveyard, Bruce Wayne tells Alfred that Batman Incorporated, as well as Batman, is finished, just before the police show up to arrest him.

It was a routine assignment - track a shipment of Lone Star Brand meat through the slaughterhouse district, and see who objects. Batman and Robin faced a gang of crooks in goat-masks, masquerading as slaughterhouse workers. In the middle of the fight, a sniper almost kills Robin, but instead hits the leader of the gang. Acting fast, Batman and Robin move away from the windows, explain events to the supervisor, and confiscate the one remaining cow deliver to this address for testing before going after the Lone Star Brand truck. They stop the truck and catch the drivers, but a man falls out of a building nearby, confusing them. Returning to the task at hand, Robin beats up an entire gang of Mutants involved in the deliveries, while Batman tracks the sniper...

It was a routine assignment: assassinate Robin, the Boy Wonder. Goatboy, a small-time assassin with a "rocket " rifle, knew Gotham better than almost anyone. Needing the money so he could take care of his ten-year-old son, he asked a friend of his to act as bait so he could take the shot. unfortunately, he wound up killing his friend. Retiring to a bar, he considered the ethics of his task before camping out the Mutant gang's activities. He was prepared to shoot Robin, when Batman walked up behind him...

Elsewhere in Gotham, the Grimm Brothers Syndicate, who controlled all the nightclubs on Gotham's west side, were infected with Leviathan's mind control chemicals in their food. The leader was informed that he had just eaten his missing brother, before he was manhandled away by ninja Man-Bats and dropped from a great height. The survivors, in true Gotham style, toast the victor.

In San Francisco, a group of heroes meet at a secret base under a shop for fetish wear. This is Batcave West, and they are the "Dead Heroes Club": a roster of Batman Inc operatives that Leviathan believes is dead. Under Wingman, they have a job to do.

Back in Gotham, two men have been brought before Leviathan. Both claim to have killed Robin. One of them, Goatboy, explains that he shot Batman in the face, blinding him, before taking out Robin. He is under the influence of Leviathan's mind-control. As his proof, he offers a picture on his smartphone: a grief-stricken Batman cradling a Robin dribbling blood!

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  • Synopsis reads as follows:
    • "BATMAN, INCORPORATED makes its NEW 52 debut with an all-new first issue!
    • The series hits the ground running as BATMAN and ROBIN face off against the assassin GOATBOY!
    • LEVIATHAN'S sinister mission revealed!"
  • Pandora makes a brief cameo appearance to witness the events of this story, as she does all #1 issues published as part the first wave, and most of the second wave of The New 52. She can be seen standing by the arcade games, next to the toilets in the bar.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman Incorporated: Demon Star and Robin: 80 Years of the Boy Wonder: The Deluxe Edition.


  • The presence of Batwing and Looker in Batcave West is odd, considering that Batwing has his own series and Looker is getting face-time in National Comics later this year... but let's just run with it.

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