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"Miracle Molly": The story opens with Miracle Molly and the Unsanity Collective flying over a wealthy residential building on drones in the midst of a heist. Their target is a box containing valuables in the dining area of the large apartment they are infiltra

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Quote1.png I guess... I guess this is a message to the me on the other side. I want you to know that there's nothing you're leaving behind that's worth chasing. I'm doing this of my volition, and I hope on the other side of all this... you can be strong in the ways I never could. I hope you can be free. Quote2.png
Mary Kowalski

Batman Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2021. It was published on September 21, 2021.

Synopsis for "Miracle Molly"

The story opens with Miracle Molly and the Unsanity Collective flying over a wealthy residential building on drones in the midst of a heist. Their target is a box containing valuables in the dining area of the large apartment they are infiltrating. Molly's drones blow out the apartment window and they enter. They immediately are confronted by an older man and woman and younger man who are shocked at the dinner table. The older man exclaims that he works for a wealthy law firm, and threatens them with life in prison if they do not leave immediately. The younger man approaches Miracle Molly slowly, seemingly recognizing her, and calls her Mary.

In a flashback, Mary Kowalski is a robotics engineer at Helios Robotics that works on specified eyepieces for machines that are being constructed on the other side of the globe. Despite her many credentials, she works in a small cubicle at the company and is both underappreciated and belittled by her boss daily. All her ideas for better and upgraded robotics parts that she personally designs are written in a pink personal diary titled "Miracle Molly". She is married to a man named Matsuda. They live in a small 2 bedroom apartment with no children. One of the bedrooms is a personal computer lab where Mary goes at night to work on her robotics designs and listens to a podcast by a man named Master Wyze, an inspirational figure who explains that leaving the current day system of working 9-5 and being unhappy in general is possible to escape all together by joining his group, 'the Unsanity Collective'. Master Wyze stresses the importance of being all you can be without limitations from the system. Mary will stay up long into the night, every night, in an unsanity collective chatroom with the handle name 'miracle.molly'.

Mary is in general depressed and extremely unhappy. The flashback sequences reiterate the endless repetition in Mary's life; waking up early in the morning with barely any sleep, showering after her husband, riding the subway to work, belittled and laughed at by her boss, evening television on the couch by her husband, the uneventful lovemaking, and then returning to the only happiness in her life, which are the nightly podcasts and motivational speeches by Master Wyze and working on her robotics designs. Her stress is added to by both Matsuda's parents and her own mother, who are pushing for her to agree to having a baby that she is generally not interested in. Mary longs to escape her current life of repetition and seeks to be someone else altogether.

Later, Mary interrupts a board meeting at Helios stating she has some very insightful designs and shows the pink personal diary to the board. As a result, she is fired from Helios and her pink diary is confiscated with the belief that all her ideas she had while employed are property of Helios. Upon riding the subway home, Mary turns back to Helios in an attempt to steal her diary back. Sneaking her way to her bosses office, her boss catches her and calls security to have her escorted off premise. Amidst the phone call, Mary hits her boss over the side of the head with the phone receiver and knocks him out. She takes her diary and leaves, taking the subway in the opposite direction from her home not wanting to return. Matsuda attempts to call Mary unsuccessfully upon nightfall, leaving only a voicemail.

On her phone, Mary enters the Unsanity Collective chatroom as miracle.molly and asks for information where she can find and meet Master Wyze in person for help. Upon sleeping on the subway terminal floor, a passerby drops her a note to meet at an abandoned arcade in the Gotham Narrows.

Mary arrives at the arcade to meet Master Wyze who offers her a new chance at life where she will be able to forget her current life and start a new. Mary agrees and is lead to a machine with an electronic booth with a wired helmet that wipes memory clean and integrates a robotics system into a human body. She awakens with no memory of her past and is asked to choose a new name, to which she looks down at her pink diary cover, 'Miracle Molly'.

The flashback ends and the young man standing before her we now known as Matsuda, states that Miracle Molly is his wife and that she has been missing for almost a year. It is revealed Molly and her collective are actually stealing from Matsuda's wealthy father inside his apartment. Upon the comic conclusion, Matsuda says, "Mary...this isn't you" to which Miracle Molly replies, "It is though, it really really is." She and her collective later fly away on their drones with the stolen merchandise.

Appearing in "Miracle Molly"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Matsuda (Single appearance) (Flashback and main story)
  • The Unsanity Collective (Flashback and main story)
    • Master Wyze (Flashback only)
    • Breaker (Flashback only)


  • Helios Robotics (Single appearance) (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Hiro (Single appearance) (Flashback and main story)
  • Mrs. Kowalski (Single appearance) (Main story and on the phone in flashback)




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