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"The Penguin Takes a Flyer -- Into the Future!": As a heatwave grips Gotham City, the Penguin invites his gang together to present to them a number of fantastic devices, including specially tailored suits with built in air conditioning and special meal pills

Batman #190 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1967. It was published on January 19, 1967.

Synopsis for "The Penguin Takes a Flyer -- Into the Future!"

As a heatwave grips Gotham City, the Penguin invites his gang together to present to them a number of fantastic devices, including specially tailored suits with built in air conditioning and special meal pills to give them the maximum amount of vitamins to make them as healthy as possible and "energize" them with enhanced strength and speed. When his goons ask why he is making numerous references to the future, the Penguin explains that in the past crooks have been outmoded by modern advances in crime fighting and that in turn he too will take advantage of modern technology to device fantastic crime tools to outsmart the police and Batman and Robin.

Their first attempt comes when Batman and Robin attempt to stop them from robbing the International Gold Corporation, and the Penguin uses a "gravity beam" to keep the Dynamic Duo's feet pinned to the floor making them easy prey for the Penguin and his men. Realizing that the Penguin's "gravity beam" is simply magnetic powder that they tracked on their boots upon entering the room, Batman and Robin remove their footwear and easily turn the tide of battle, knocking the Penguin into the safe that he is attempting to rob.

Ordering his men to take their energizer pills, the Penguin laughs as his men manage to over power Batman and Robin. When the two attempt to fight back they find that their fists now repel from the crooks making it impossible for them to land any punches. Explaining that his "Fist Fender-Off" is utilizing a technology that might one day be used in space travel to ward off meteors. However, Batman and Robin realize that this is just another hoax "technology" and that their punches are really being repelled by hidden compressed air blasters in the crooks costumes, and that by telegraphing their punches the crooks can evade them easily. Deciding to fake them out proves successful and the Dynamic Duo manages to punch out the Penguin's gang with relative ease. During the fight, the Penguin decides to escape with the stolen loot in his jet umbrella.

Returning to his hideout the Penguin decides to use his new "Robotrellas", remote controlled umbrellas all with built in devices to aid in the theft of valuables to commit his next series of crimes. Sending them out, the Penguin's devices succeed in netting him more stolen loot. Witnessing the theft and unable to stop it in time, Batman and Robin decide to fight fire with fire and come up with their own Bat-Rellas to combat the Penguins Robotrellas. While building them in the Batcave, they are visited by Alfred who has his own umbrella as it has started raining, Batman takes his butlers bumbershoot as it has given him an extra inspiration.

Before sending his Robotrellas out for another heist, the Penguin gloats to his newly built robot duplicate. When the Penguin sends his umbrellas out again, Batman and Robin launch their own Bat-Rellas to track down the Robotrellas to the location where they are dropping off the Penguin's stolen loot. Following them to an empty field just outside Gotham City, the Dynamic Duo are attacked by a swarm of the Penguin's Robotrellas.

After a battle against the robotic umbrellas ends in Batman and Robin's capture, they are taken to the Penguin's lair. They break free and battle with whom they think is the Penguin, but turns out to be the robot duplicate of the crook himself. Realizing this was a decoy so that the Penguin could collect the loot without getting captured, Batman and Robin rush back to the Batmobile where they find Alfred on hand with a captured Penguin. Alfred explains that Batman's previous inspiration worked out, as he hid in the Batmobile as per Batman's orders, the real Penguin came to collect the loot and fell easy pray to the hiding Alfred.

With the Penguin foiled, he is returned to jail where he is placed with a cellmate named Brolly. Realizing that Brolly is the English slang word for umbrella, the Penguin gains new inspiration and begins plotting his next escape and fantastic series of umbrella related crimes.

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  • Editor Julius Scwartz starts printing letters from fans, who find the camp style adapted from the Batman TV Show, over-the-top for the comic books.

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