"The Day Batman Sold Out!": Batman has tracked down Ira Radon, a criminal who is responsible for stealing radioactive isotopes all over Gotham City. During their fight the Batman accidentally throws Ira into the nuclear reactor, an incident that Ira vows to get re

Batman #191 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1967. It was published on March 7, 1967.

Appearing in "The Day Batman Sold Out!"

Featured Characters:

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  • Ira Radon (Only appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "The Day Batman Sold Out!"

Batman has tracked down Ira Radon, a criminal who is responsible for stealing radioactive isotopes all over Gotham City. During their fight the Batman accidentally throws Ira into the nuclear reactor, an incident that Ira vows to get revenge against Batman for. Ira is horribly burned and is interned to a hospital bed, covered in bandages he is aware that he has been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and that he will soon die, but not before he gets his revenge against Batman.

Days later Batman calls a special newscast where he announces that he is retiring from crime fighting and that he intends to auction off all of his crime fighting gear including his. This comes as a shock to everyone, including Dick Grayson and Alfred who were unaware of the plan and are further surprised when Bruce admits it's all true. The very next day, there is a televised auction and all of Batman's gear is sold off. Watching the event from their prison cells, both the Penguin and Joker are upset that Batman has retired before they had a chance to get even with the Caped Crusader.

Back in the Batcave, Batman takes off his uniform and reflects back on the events that led him to pulling this strange move: A number of nights ago while out busting up criminals, Batman noticed that his Batarang was briefly bombarded with a strange beam, examining it later, he realizes that someone had irradiated it. While out fighting crime while out on patrol, Batman would find that in each episode one of his tools, from his Batrope, to his Utility Belt, to even the Batmobile has been irradiated by this queer beam. Shining a detection light on the Batmobile, Batman finds that there is a message scrawled on the hood of his famed crime fighting car. The message is from Ira Radon, who is boasting over the fact that he has irradiated Batman's various anti-crime devices in order to force Batman to auction off all his crime fighting gear or risk Radon increasing the power of the radiation and kill Batman with radiation poisoning.

However, Batman has come up with a clever plan on defeating Ira, adopting the alias of Andrew Kunkel, the only person at the auction who won that wasn't an employee of the Wayne Foundation. This arouses the curiosity of Ira who goes to visit "Kunkel's" home to see who would purchase a Batterang for $10,000. There, Ira is faced by Batman, who has protected himself in clay to protect him from Ira's deadly radiation. During the fight, the radiation intensifier that Ira threatens to use to kill Batman is destroyed, and Ira meets an ironic demise when he walks into the path of his own radiation bombardment device, kill him instantly. Resuming his Andrew Kunkel disguise, Batman phones the police.

Later, back in his Batman guide, and with Robin, Batman explains to the press that he is back in action and explains the need for his deception toward the public. Later in the privacy of the Batcave, Batman explains to Robin and Alfred that the clay kept him safe from radiation while he used device from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that aids the blind. With the radiation in his crime fighting arsenal neutralized, Batman and Robin go out on patrol once again.

Appearing in "Alfred's Mystery Menu!"

Featured Characters:


  • Duke Kelsey (Single appearance)
    • Monk
  • Millionaire Mobster Club (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Alfred's Mystery Menu!"

While out on patrol, Batman and Robin come across a strange robbery: a gang of crooks that are attempting to steal high quality ingredients from the grocery store. After busting up the crooks, the two return home and soon become worried as Alfred had left earlier that day and has yet to return.

Alfred has been kidnapped by Duke Kelsey leader of the Millionaire Mobster Club, who has kidnapped the fame butler because he wants him to prepare a millionaires meal for his gang. Alfred agrees to do the work, and gives Duke a list of ingredients he needs. Duke is completely oblivious to the fact that Alfred has made choice selections that will act as clues in order to tip Batman and Robin off to his fate and location.

Realizing that the disappearance of Alfred and the strange theft must have a connection, Batman and Robin take Alfred's list of ingredients and go back to the grocery store to figure out specifically what the crooks had stolen in order to decipher Alfred's clues. Unfortunately they find that shop keeper had cleaned up since the robbery, the only remaining evidence left is a pile of sawdust sweepings of the mess left behind. With it however, Batman and Robin manage to figure out the location of Alfred.

They arrive just as the Millionaire Mobster Club is about to sit down for Alfred's prepared meal. With the help of their faithful butler, Batman and Robin manage to smash up Duke and his men and turn them over to the authorities. Afterward, back in their civilian guises, Bruce and Dick along with Aunt Harriet enjoy a nice meal prepared for them by Alfred.


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