"The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman!": While on patrol through Gotham City Chinatown, Batman and Robin spot Lisan, the wife of wealthy Chinese businessman Chen Ku. Noticing that she is crying, the Dynamic Duo pull over to see wha

Batman #192 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1967.

Appearing in "The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lisan (Single appearance)
  • Chen Ku (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman!"

While on patrol through Gotham City Chinatown, Batman and Robin spot Lisan, the wife of wealthy Chinese businessman Chen Ku. Noticing that she is crying, the Dynamic Duo pull over to see what is the matter, and she tearfully explains that he has recently been ignoring her and spending all his time gazing at a jade statue called the White Lotus. Deciding to pay Chen Ku a visit to learn the secret of his obsession, they find Chen Ku being roughed up by a group of men who are part of the mysterious Swami's gang. The gang claims that their leader is a mastermind and has predicted the battles outcome via his crystal ball. During the fight, most of the crooks escape with the White Lotus statue, except for one crook called Silent Sam who is knocked out in the fight.

Vowing to get the statue back, Batman decides to infiltrate the Swami's hideout by posing as Silent Sam. Returning to Sam's home, he finds that it is also the hideout for the Swami's gang. Accepted into the group "Silent Sam" finds that the Swami looks familiar. Casting into his crystal ball, and is alerted to the fact that one among their number is secretly Batman. Suddenly, "Silent Sam" finds himself magnetized to the chair and to his surprise the phrase "I Am Batman" appears on his chest. The crooks then pile on Batman and knock him out.

When Batman revives, he finds himself in his Batman costume (But still with his disguise) and the Swami reveals himself as Batman's old foe Johnny Witts. Witts explains that he has created this elaborate hoax in order to lure both Batman and Robin into a trap, knowing that Robin would soon come and investigate and so has set a trap door to capture the Boy Wonder as well. He then leaves Batman to be killed by a special Lensolator device that will steal his wits before ultimately killing the Dark Knight.

Batman manages to free himself by kicking off one of his boots and smashing the device and pulling himself free. Rescuing Robin, the Dynamic Duo track down Johnny and his gang to where they are robbing a private art museum. The easily mop up Johnny and his gang and turn them over to the police. Recovering the White Lotus, Batman returns it to Chan Ku who explains that he was obsessing over it was because he was so ordered to do so for a week by his Tong leader. With his week of vigilance up and the statue returned to the Tong leader, Chan Ku once more begins to pay attention to his wife, and in thanks for their help has Batman and Robin over for an authentic Chinese dinner.

Appearing in "Dick Grayson's Secret Guardian!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Batman
  • Frank Reynolds (Single appearance)


  • Toughy Loomis (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Dick Grayson's Secret Guardian!"

Dick Grayson is enrolled in the fall semester at Gotham High where he makes friends with Frank Reynolds, a tall boy whom Dick makes fast friends with and convinces to join the basketball team. When considering asking Toughy Looms to join the team, Dick finds that Toughy is the school bully who is more interested in giving Dick a hard time because he the ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne. When asked if he wants to join the basketball team, Toughy simply laughs and shoves Dick aside.

After class, Dick is on his way to rendezvous with Batman when he is ambushed by Toughy and his friends who try to beat him up. Without revealing the fighting prowess he employs while dressed up as Robin, Dick dodges their attacks until his is suddenly rescued by a tall and very strong person in a mask who easily tosses the bullies away, allowing Dick to make a run for it. Meeting up with Batman, and changing into his Robin costume, Dick explains the situation to the Caped Crusader.

Having overheard Toughy vow to get revenge on the person that he believes was Dick Grayson's protector, Robin goes off on his own and finds Toughy and his goons attacking Frank. During the scuffle Frank wanders away, and Robin only notices when a police officer happens by and asks what's going on. Hunting Frank down, he spots Frank suddenly get into a trance when witnessing a man defend himself from a mugging and attacking the wrong person. Robin attempts to stop this rash attack for his troubles. Easily defeating his friend in a fight, Robin witnesses as Frank snaps out of his trance. He explains that his enhanced strength comes from a "Man-Amplifier" invented by his father that amplifies a persons natural abilities. After being attacked by Toughie and his hoods, Frank suffered a blow to the head and was put into a daze. Having snapped out of it, Frank helps Robin keep the would-be thief under wraps until the police arrive.

Later, when Batman has returned from business with the Justice League of America, Robin relates the aftermath of his incident with Toughy Looms: That Toughy has turned over a new leaf and has decided to join the basketball team after all.


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  • The Extra section of the Letters page in this issue is composed of several letters showing displeasure and support with the lately "Camp" style in the comics adapted from the Batman TV Series.

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