"The Spook's Master Stroke!": After The Spook has been capured, Batman and Commissioner Gordon are still confused as to how is it possible that Val Kaliban, a criminal that was killed in the electric chair ten y

Batman #252 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1973.

Synopsis for "The Spook's Master Stroke!"

After The Spook has been capured, Batman and Commissioner Gordon are still confused as to how is it possible that Val Kaliban, a criminal that was killed in the electric chair ten years ago, is still operating as "The Spook". At that moment, the two law enforcers are informed that The Spook has escaped and they also learn that the reason why The Spook is excellent at escaping from Gotham's Maximum Security Prison is because he helped build the place. Batman suspected that The Spook would escape and he decides to capture The Spook once and for all.

Batman goes to the graveyard where Val Kaliban is supposed to be buried, but as he opens the coffin, he finds nothing but a Spook dummy inside. At that moment, the Spook attacks Batman from behind and knocks him into the coffin before he buries him alive. After this, The Spook returns to his criminal antics.

Moments later, a man arrives at the graveyard and starts digging to save Batman. This man is Alfred and he helps the man in the Batman costume, who is none other than Jason Bard. This whole charade was part of Batman's plan to make Kaliban believe that he has defeated Batman. Meanwhile, the real Batman follows The Spook to the secret hideout in an abandoned prison. Batman finds the main room, where there's an electric chair and he decides to recreate Kaliban's execution to learn how did he managed to survive. At that moment, Kaliban arrives and captures Batman in the electric chair. In his last moments, Batman finally deduces that Kaliban must have tricked a look-alike to die instead of him, but Kaliban activates the chair to prevent Batman from spreading the truth.

Kaliban believes that he killed Batman and frees the body from the electric chair. At that moment, Batman attacks and reveals to Kaliban that he coated his cowl to stop electric shocks. Batman is then finally able to take Kaliban into police custody and the Police find the blue prints for the secret escape routes used by The Spook on his secret hideout, which will be useful to prevent the crook from escaping prison again.

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Synopsis for "The King from Canarsie!"

Comedian Davy King comes to Hudson University to get a college education. However, during his first week, he is surrounded by every sort of accidents and the mystery leads Robin to investigate. When Dick Grayson takes Davy to one of their sessions at the recreation program for the kids of New Carthage, he spots a mysterious man trying to attack Davy. Quickly changing into Robin he captures the man, who turns out to be Davy's agent. The man has been trying to make Davy return to the entertainment business, as he has not been able to make any money since Davy started college. With the criminal captured, Davy continues his work at college and his contributions to the recreation center are appreciated by the people and kids of New Carthage.

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  • In the Robin story, the character of Davy King mentions several superheroes as part of his comedic routine. Most of the heroes are DC Comics characters, except for the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner; both from Marvel Comics.

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