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"Testimony of the Joker!": The court of Ra's al Ghul reconvenes to hear the testimony of the last "assassin" of Batman-- Joker.

Quote1.png And as I lammed to my Ha-Hacienda, I figured the evening well-spent... Even though it had its negative aspects... For one thing, missing that crack at The Batman... With a useless weapon... When I'd had an arsenal of alternatives at my disposal! A sad commentary on how rusty a person can get... Living in a padded cell! Moreover, I hadn't copped the loot-- Which meant I'd have to make another trip the next night... But on the positive side-- I'd learned some things about The Batman's rhythms and responses I hadn't been aware of-- Which would add spice and excitement to our next meeting... When my coming caper burst into bloom! In fact, when I contemplated how long I'd have to wait for that next meeting, I was depressed-- But fortunately, I don't depress easily! Quote2.png

Batman #294 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1977. It was published on September 8, 1977.

Synopsis for "Testimony of the Joker!"

The court of Ra's al Ghul reconvenes to hear the testimony of the last "assassin" of Batman-- Joker.

The clown of crime reveals how, while casing a fur company for a robbery, he saw Batman capture another thief there. Unarmed at the time, he renewed his arsenal and went back, thinking himself free of Batman's interference, but found a figure in a Batman costume there, as surprised as Joker himself. Joker then doused him with a face full of dissolving liquid, stabbed him with a combat ring full of Joker Venom and killed him. He then eradicated his face and fingerprints and left him for the police to find.

When "Two-Face" asks for proof, Joker asserts he has photos of the dead Batman, unmasked, before he dissolved his face. "Two-Face" calls for a recess while Joker procures his evidence. Once outside, "Two-Face" doffs his disguise and stands revealed as Batman. He tracks down Joker, defeats him in combat, and sends him back to Arkham Asylum. There, Joker is driven wild to see Two-Face, and hears that the "district attorney" was never at the trial.

Later, Batman tells Commissioner Gordon that the real victim was Jerry Randall, a bookstore owner and Batman fan, who liked to dress up as Batman and reenact Batman cases after reading about them in the papers. Still later, a fireworks display proclaims to Gotham that "Batman is alive and well--and living in Gotham City".

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  • This is the fourth and last part of the storyline called "Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed?", which started in Batman #291.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman: The Strange Deaths of Batman.

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