"Fallout!": Robin decides to leave Batman's side, refusing to tolerate Talia's presence in the Batcave. Not giving much thought to Robin's decision, Batman investigates the Gregorian Falstaff problem an

Quote1 Listen this was your decision. You want Talia to stay... and if she stays, I go! Quote2

Batman #332 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1981. It was published on November 13, 1980.

Appearing in "Fallout!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Catwoman
  • Archer Templeton (Only appearance; dies)
  • Saltzer (Single appearance)
  • Elizabeth Crown (Single appearance)
  • Miss Gilroy (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Fallout!"

Robin decides to leave Batman's side, refusing to tolerate Talia's presence in the Batcave. Not giving much thought to Robin's decision, Batman investigates the Gregorian Falstaff problem and discovers that his foe is being bankrolled by an outside interest from a Swiss bank account. He deduces that Caroline Crown, Bruce Wayne's new secretary, has been feeding Falstaff Wayne Enterprises information and, going to see her, finds Ms. Crown with a mutate, who threatens to harm "Elizabeth" unless she keeps up the information supply. Batman is unable to best the mutate in battle and is knocked unconscious, while Caroline Crown flees.

The next day, Caroline Crown confesses to Bruce Wayne that her daughter Elizabeth is being held prisoner by Gregorian Falstaff in an upstate hospital. When Wayne confronts Falstaff in the latter's office, he discovers that Falstaff has bought up the mortgages on Wayne's Asian oil properties, making most of Wayne's assets virtually worthless. Bruce angrily refuses Falstaff's offer to work with him as his lackey.

Meanwhile, Robin goes to Catwoman for help with the Falstaff affair. That night, Talia tries to drug Batman and goes to Falstaff's office herself. Batman, who just pretended to be drugged, trails her to Falstaff's place and confronts the crooked man's thugs an army of mutates. When Batman defeats the monsters, he goes looking for Falstaff. Holding Elizabeth Crown hostage, Falstaff sends an energy-globe at Batman using a strange weapon, but Talia kicks him from behind into the globe and Falstaff disintegrates.

Talia explains that Falstaff once worked for her father, who gave him the globe-shooter. She then embraces and kisses Batman, just as Catwoman and Robin arrive at the place to investigate. Heartbroken, Catwoman goes away leaving Robin behind.

On the high seas, Archer Templeton thinks he has made an escape from Infinity Island, a twin-peaked volcanic isle in the middle of the ocean, by raft. But a red energy-globe from one of the island's peaks engulfs him and destroys him. In his raft, a small radio transmitter beeps on.

Appearing in "Cat's Paw!"

Featured Characters:


  • Karlyle Krugerrand (Final appearance; dies)
    • Jack Klannon (Single appearance)
    • Joseph Walters (Single appearance)
    • Tommy (Single appearance)
    • Vince (Single appearance)
    • Mutates (Final appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Cat's Paw!"

Days after the previous events, Catwoman tracks down a gang of crooks pulling a chemical warehouse robbery. She apprehends all but one, Joseph Walters, whom she traces back to Karlyle Krugerrand, who was Falstaff's former right hand. Krugerrand is apparently continuing Falstaff's work as he informs Walters that he and Falstaff were indeed working for another master.

Krugerrand then tries to use the chemicals and the electricity from a Gotham power station to transform several subjects into mutates. Catwoman battles Krugerrand and knocks him backwards as the equipment, powered beyond its limits, explodes and Krugerrand, Walters and the mutates are destroyed. Catwoman trudges off, suspecting that Krugerrand's and Falstaff's employer is Talia, who, unknown to her, is watching her leave the power station.


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  • The "deadly taiaha" used by Falstaff's Mutates is a traditional weapon of the Maori people of New Zealand.

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