"Blood Sport": Batman is currently investigating the Academy of Crime in California without much success. Meanwhile in Gotham City, several things are happening.

Quote1 It was not to be this way, Richard. The Monk promised me a chance to seduce you... but you have stolen that chance-- and must accept the consequences! Quote2

Batman #349 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1982.

Appearing in "Blood Sport"

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Synopsis for "Blood Sport"

Batman is currently investigating the Academy of Crime in California without much success. Meanwhile in Gotham City, several things are happening.

With the threat of Vicki Vale revealing her photo evidence about Batman's real identity, Alfred hires the services of The Human Target. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon takes Jason Bard to the home of her father, James Gordon to help him get over his depression. Bard is looking for a new partner in his detective agency and after Gordon learns that the new Police Commissioner Pauling and Mayor Hill are planning to retire a large portion of the Gotham City Police Department, Gordon gladly agrees to join Bard in order to investigate the current political situation of Gotham.

At that same moment, Robin recovers and finds himself tied to a chair in the dark and old mansion where he followed Dala a few hours ago. Robin is shocked to learn that Dala already knows about his two identities, but she is still willing to act seductively towards him. When she leaves the room, Robin finds a way to break free using an oil candle to start a fire. However, once he is free from his bonds, Dala and her "broter", The Monk companion break into the room in their true forms and finally Robin learns that they are vampires. Robin manages to toss the Monk through the window, but he is not so lucky when confronting Dala, as she manages to bite the Teen Wonder. Using all his strength, Robin breaks free from her grip and runs towards the exit, but all he can find are corpses of people, hung upside down with marks on their necks.

In a moment of desperation, Robin jumps through a window and starts running away from the cursed place until he reaches the highway. Robin collapses from exhaustion as a car was about to crash against him. The driver is a priest and he stops the vehicle in time to rescue Robin and take him to the nearest hospital. As Robin is given medical care, the priest asks the doctors to keep it silent as he has noticed the marks of the vampire on Robin's neck.

Appearing in "The Man, The Bullet, The Cat, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Daniel Brown (Final appearance)


  • Janice Brown (Final appearance)
  • Peter Simmons (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Karen (Flashback only)


Synopsis for "The Man, The Bullet, The Cat, Part 2"

Daniel Brown is wheelchair-bound from his gunshot wounds after Selina Kyle failed to arrive in time to save him. Even after their previous efforts to conceal Brown using a double mirror image. Knowing that the person who shot Brown must also had a way to get in direct contact with the candidate, Selina prepares her next protection plan.

Using a reinforced dome, Selina gives Brown the protection needed and just prior to the speech, Brown's assistant, Simmons, enters the dome and touches the microphone. As the speech starts, the dome is closed and suddenly gas comes from the microphone, filling the dome. Simmons acts concerned until they open the dome and find that Brown is not inside. Catwoman has prepared another security measure as a trap door to take out Brown if he was in danger. It is then that Simmons reveals that the mastermind behind the assassination of Brown was his own wife and as the woman tries to escape, Catwoman activates another trap door, preventing her from getting away. Although the criminals are captured, Mrs. Brown is also wheelchair-bound due to the fall.



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