"Nightmare in Crimson": Robin recovers after the vampire attack, but he has been bitten and even all the care given to him by Father Green at St. Jude's Hospital is not enough to revert the process that has already started.

Quote1.png Get off me-- you lunatic! What you're pretending to be isn't real-- it isn't-- my God... ...blood... Quote2.png

Batman #350 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1982.

Synopsis for "Nightmare in Crimson"

Robin recovers after the vampire attack, but he has been bitten and even all the care given to him by Father Green at St. Jude's Hospital is not enough to revert the process that has already started.

Meanwhile, Batman returns home after having stopped the Academy of Crime. As he goes into the Batcave, Alfred tries to warn Bruce about Vicki Vale's plan to reveal his identity, but his revelation has to wait, because at that precise moment, Robin arrives riding his bike. As the Teen Wonder greets his friends, he invites them to a party at the house of Dala, his girlfriend, but his demeanor is strange and Bruce and Alfred notice the strange behaviour, unaware that Robin is slowly becoming a mindless slave of the vampire.

Meanwhile, Morton Monroe, the editor of Pictures News Magazine breaks into Vicki's office and steals a folder with the tag Batman, hoping to get the pictures of Batman's secret identity for his boss, Rupert Thorne. After he leaves the office, Vicki arrives and gets a call from Bruce Wayne inviting her to the upcoming party.

The next night, Bruce and Vicki go together to the party at Dala's place, but Bruce notices that Dick has become even more strange after last night. He becomes much more suspicious when Dick is dragged away from the party by Dala and he decides to follow them. Leaving Vicki to socialize with the many interesting people at the party, Bruce follows Dick and Dala, but he loses track of them in the upper rooms of the house. Breaking into one of those rooms, Bruce finds they are dark places and upon closer investigation, he finds human blood on the floor. As he looks through the window of the room, Bruce spots Dala taking Dick downwards to the back of the house.

Without wasting any second, Batman goes into action and he follows the couple. When he finds Dick's clothes on the ground and he hears them laugh, Batman thinks that perhaps he overreacted, but this small distraction is enough for him to drop his guard down just as The Monk lunges towards Batman and bites his neck. Batman fights back, but it's already too late. He has been bitten and the coven has claimed their prize.

Appearing in "Nightmare in Crimson"

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Other Characters:

  • Father Green
  • Sheik Ahmed



Synopsis for "Those Lips, Those Eyes"

Selina Kyle wakes up in a strange hotel without recollection of whatever happened to her. When she gathers enough strength to stand up, Selina finds the dead body of a woman close to her. Upon closer inspection, Selina realizes that the dead woman is almost identical to her and some memories come to her mind. She recalls having been kidnapped in place of the woman, but when the crooks realized she was not their target, they knocked her unconscious.

In order to find the truth, Selina decides to impersonate her deceased lookalike and follows the trails of the attackers. A bit too late, Selina finds out that "Candy" was a stripper and she goes down to the night club where she used to work to get information. While on stage, Selina spots the man who attacked her and after a quick change of gears, Catwoman starts chasing the crook.

Selina follows the man across the rooftops until she is unable to make a jump from one rooftop to another and ends up hanging from the ledge of the building. Taking the opportunity, the crook decides to eliminate Catwoman for good.

Appearing in "Those Lips, Those Eyes"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Georgie


  • Roscoe

Other Characters:

  • Candy (Appears only as a corpse)


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