"The Killer Sky!": Batman learns that Commissioner Gordon was badly hurt in an attack organized by Commissioner Pauling and he pays a visit to his friend at the hospital. While Batman keeps an eye on Gordon's

Batman #352 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1982. It was published on July 8, 1982.

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Synopsis for "The Killer Sky!"

Batman learns that Commissioner Gordon was badly hurt in an attack organized by Commissioner Pauling and he pays a visit to his friend at the hospital. While Batman keeps an eye on Gordon's room from the outside, he witnesses Pauling entering the room with one of his lackeys and they warn Gordon to stop investigating the electoral fraud. As in reply, Batman warns them to stay away from James Gordon or else they would have him to deal with. When Pauling and his thug are forced to leave the room, James Gordon asks Batman to continue the investigation on his behalf and Batman agrees.

Elsewhere, a monstrous zeppelin travels across the ocean and steals battleships with anti-gravity technology.

When Batman returns home at the Wayne Manor, he is informed by Alfred about his deal with Christopher Chance, also known as The Human Target, to impersonate Bruce and throw off any suspicion of a connection between him and Batman. At that moment, Chance arrives to claim his fee and Bruce plays his playboy persona, which fills Chance with contempt.

Meanwhile, Morton Monroe, the editor of Picture Magazine is challenged by Rupert Thorne for giving him fake photos about the Batman's identity. While Thorne is bashing against him, Vicki Vale enters his office, forcing Thorne to retreat and leave the office. Of course, Vicki recognizes Thorne and she follows him to take a picture of the man who is supposed to be locked up in Arkham. Knowing that everything has ended for him, Morton takes his gun and commits suicide.

Later that night, Bruce and Vicki go out on a date on a romantic cruise and they discuss the past events. The two of them seek to resume their previous relationship, even after Vicki's divorce, but at that moment Vicki is still shocked after Morton's suicide. She has also learned that her suspicions about Bruce being Batman were "wrong". Ironically, while on the cruise, the giant zeppelin appears and steals a nearby battleship, forcing Bruce to perform his disappearing act on Vicki and change into Batman.

Batman uses his equipment to climb to the dirigible and the crew inside take notice of his presence. Colonel Blimp commands his men to take care of Batman and a struggle between Batman and the crew starts and ends when the villains succeed on forcing Batman to drop off the dirigible, although they don't notice that Batman has left a tracker device.

Batman barely makes it back to the Batcave after a rough landing from the zeppelin and the next day, he goes with Robin and they start following the signal of the tracking device. The heroes arrive to an outland area, where the Batmobile is wrecked due to land mines. A few miles away from that site, Colonel Blimp and his small army prepare their next attack.


  • The events of this issue take place after Detective Comics #518 and the story continues in Detective Comics #519.
  • In the same vein as the previous issues of Batman and Detective Comics, the story featured in this issue draws inspiraton from the early Batman comics from the Golden Age. This particular tale is based upon the story titled "The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom", which was first published in Detective Comics #33 in 1939.


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