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"Never Scratch a Cat": After having seen Vicki Vale and Bruce Wayne together, Selina Kyle starts planning her revenge.

Quote1.png We are responsible for each other. You hurt me by leaving Gotham... I hurt you by starting up with Vicki. Life can take people in opposite directions. It's not fair. It's the way things are. Neither of us intended the hurt we gave. But for the hurt I gave you, Selina, I'm sorry... Quote2.png

Batman #355 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1983. It was published on October 14, 1982.

Synopsis for "Never Scratch a Cat"

After having seen Vicki Vale and Bruce Wayne together, Selina Kyle starts planning her revenge.

While Bruce and Vicki return home, their car is attacked by Catwoman's vehicle, and Bruce's car is forced off the road into the river. Regretting her actions, Catwoman dives to save Bruce, but the man refuses any help as he takes Vicki's unconscious body from the water. Knowing that she has made a terrible mistake, Catwoman flees without looking back.

Later, Vicki awakes at the Gotham General Hospital and Bruce is relieved to know that she is fine. When he tells the good news to Jason Bard and James Gordon, they also give him good news. Rupert Thorne has been convicted for the murder of Commissioner Pauling and early that morning, Gordon got a call from Mayor Hill, which can only mean one thing. After leaving the hospital, Gordon goes to Gotham City Hall, to Hill's office. There, Hill is concerned that the Gotham City Council are trying to recall another election and in order to prevent such a disaster, he gives James Gordon his old job as Police Commissioner.

At night, Batman goes to Selina's apartment and finds only a starving panther. After taking care of the animal, Batman realizes that the whole place has been deserted for a couple of days and he finds the only clue left behind. Moments later, Batman arrives at the "Catamont" warehouse, where Catwoman attacks him in a vicious way for all the pain he has caused her. With Batman at her mercy, Catwoman knows that she can easily kill him, but she realizes her mistake and instead, she helps her opponent. After such an aggressive attack, Batman realizes that Selina needed to take all her anger and frustration out, much as he needed to do it when she first left Gotham, ending their relationship. An understanding Batman holds Catwoman in his arms as he apologizes for the unintended harm he caused her, and a grieving Selina knows that this is the end of her relationship with Bruce Wayne.

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  • In the climax of the story, Catwoman is aware of Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne. However, in all her previous appearances, she didn't know the secret. This was a "faux pas" on part of new editor Len Wein and writer Gerry Conway. This confusion was cleared years later on the letter pages of Batman #397 and Detective Comics #564, where it was stated that Catwoman never learned Batman's secret identity, making much of this story apocryphal.
  • "New Federalism", mentioned by Mayor Hill on page 17, is an American political movement.

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