"When Riddled by the Riddler...": Inspired by "riddling" wine in a winery, the Riddler decides to go on a crime-spree again.

Quote1 From sediments of cork to sentiments of crime-- for baffling the Batman now is the time! Quote2

Batman #362 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1983. It was published on May 12, 1983.

Appearing in "When Riddled by the Riddler..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Hamilton Hill
  • Signor Petrelli (Single appearance)
  • Joey (Single appearance)
  • Sue (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "When Riddled by the Riddler..."

Inspired by "riddling" wine in a winery, the Riddler decides to go on a crime-spree again.

At night, Batman is summoned to the GCPD Headquarters, where Commissioner Gordon is trying to deal with the meddling Harvey Bullock. Batman arrives in time to push Bullock away from their business and once they are alone, Gordon gives Batman the clues left by the Riddler for his next caper. Batman deduces that the Riddler would strike on an amusement park and true to his deductions, the Riddler is waiting for him, armed with a machine gun, hoping to "riddle" the Bat. The confrontation ends with a stale-mate and Batman realizes that the whole charade was simply one of Riddle's plans to eliminate him.

When the Dark Knight returns to the GCPD, he and Gordon learn the hidden meaning of the Riddler's clue, thanks to Harvey Bullock's fiddling with the clue. The crooked police officer is unable to understand the deductions made by Gordon and Batman, who finally learn Riddler's true target as a notorious TV quiz show, currently broadcasting.

Batman and Gordon make haste to the place where the Riddler will strike, but the madman beats them to the place and starts his escape after stealing the prize of the quiz contest. Batman manages to retrieve the loot, but the Riddler hijacks a bus and Batman is forced to jump on top of Gordon's car to follow the Riddler. When Gordon's vehicle is within reach of Riddler's bus, Batman jumps to the roof of the bus and Riddler uses his machine gun to shoot at the roof, hoping to kill Batman. However, Riddler misses and the bullet holes allow Batman to slip a gas capsule from his Utility Belt inside the bus, forcing the vehicle to stop and the Riddler to get out, only to be captured by the police.

After a successful mission, Gordon is confident about the upcoming hearing about the charges pressed against him by Harvey Bullock. When Gordon gives Bullock a "souvenir" for his help in capturing the Riddler, Bullock's confidence falters and during the hearing, he drops the charges against Gordon, much to Mayor Hill's annoyance.


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