"The Joker Is Wild!": At Wayne Manor, Jason Todd stumbles upon the old room of Dick Grayson and finds the most valuable item in the room.

Quote1 Hold them off, my valiant cretins-- and don't forget the kind of punishment I'll deal to any man who lets himself die! Quote2

Batman #366 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1983.

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Synopsis for "The Joker Is Wild!"

At Wayne Manor, Jason Todd stumbles upon the old room of Dick Grayson and finds the most valuable item in the room.

Meanwhile, Batman and Vicki Vale have escaped from the Joker and his armed thugs and they head to the nearest town, where a conflict between the military forces of the country and the rebel resistance is taking place. Batman realizes that the conflict was started by the Joker to have the forces of Guatemala destroy one another so that he could take over the country without any opposition.

At that moment in Gotham City, Alfred learns that his daughter Julia has not only come to meet him as her father, but she is also investigating the death of her adoptive father, Jacques Remarque. Elsewhere, Harvey Bullock refuses to follow any more orders from Mayor Hill after their last scheme caused Commissioner Gordon to be hospitalized and fall into a coma.

In Guatemala, Batman and Vicki have reached the village and they warn the military about Joker's plot, when they are all suddenly attacked by Joker and his forces, who are all using Jokercopters to attack. After leaving a dozen of victims in their wake, Joker and his men retreat, but Batman follows them closely. When Joker and his forces return to their base of operations, Batman confronts them and he gets help from the military and the resistance alike, who have decided to work together to stop the threat of the Joker.

While the allied forces take care of Joker's armed thugs, Batman goes behind the madman himself, who has climbed at the top of an ancient pyramid and is waiting until Batman comes close enough to finally murder him. Realizing that his plans have been foiled once again by Batman, Joker becomes unhinged and is determined to murder his long-time enemy. Unaware of the sudden threat, Batman climbs the pyramid towards the Joker until he is within reach of Joker and his machine gun. It is then that Batman is saved by the timely arrival of Robin, much to Batman's own surprise. Working together, Batman and Robin make short work of the Joker and the madman is finally captured.

With the threat under control, Guatemala returns to its peaceful normality and Vicki Vale has the best story in pictures, including the long-awaited reunion of Batman and Robin. Once in private, Batman learns that Jason is behind the Robin costume and that he dyed his hair black to become the perfect Robin. Using information gathered in the Batcave, he located Batman and travelled all the way to Guatemala, all by his own. However, the Dark Knight is none too thrilled about this decision, as he believes Jason is stealing someone else's identity and they decide to discuss things further upon their return to Gotham.



  • This issue is increased in price from 60 cents to 75 cents.
  • The town in Guatemala in this issue is called "Mixtaya". In the previous issue, it was called "Mixteca".

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