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"The Vengeance Spiral": Batman and Robin have failed to capture the terrorist known as Darkwolf. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale and Julia Pennyworth find the black

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Batman #382 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1985.

Synopsis for "The Vengeance Spiral"

Batman and Robin have failed to capture the terrorist known as Darkwolf. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale and Julia Pennyworth find the black panther that belongs to Catwoman and the mistress is not far behind. The two ladies are afraid, but Catwoman is only concerned for the well-being of Diablo, her panther. When Batman and Robin find the ladies, they attack Catwoman without asking them what is going on. Catwoman stops Batman's unnecessary attack and explains that she is tracking down Darkwolf.

Like this, Selina explains that she confronted the terrorist while she was in Egypt and that because of her actions, Darkwolf's plan was foiled. In the same manner, Diablo scratched Darkwolf's face, which is why Darkwolf has come to Gotham following Catwoman. On a previous night, Darkwolf poisoned Diablo, causing the animal to go berserk and Selina has been looking for a cure for the animal. Unfortunately, it's too late as Diablo dies shortly afterwards.

At that moment, Darkwolf hijacks an airplane at the Gotham International Airport and prepares to take the plane to Damascus. Batman, Robin and the others learn of this by the police radio in the Batmobile and they go to the place in a matter of seconds. Upon arriving, Commissioner Gordon explains the situation and Batman comes up with a plan. The crew at the tower control convince Darkwolf that he needs another stewardess and they send Selina Kyle in disguise.

Inside the plane, Selina distracts Darkwolf, giving Batman enough time to get aboard the place from the outside. When Batman finally gets inside, Darkwolf attemtps to use another grenade, but Selina takes the bomb out of his hands and jumps out of the plane, which is already on the air. Batman tosses a parachute outside of the plane, seconds after the grenade explodes. Batman then defeats Darkwolf and takes control of the plane before it comes crashing down.

Finally, Darkwolf is taken by the authorities and Batman goes looking for Catwoman, but she is nowhere to be found. Batman assumes she is dead and in a last act honoring her memory, he takes Diablo and gives the animal a proper burial. Noticing such behaviour from the Dark Knight, Julia realizes that Batman loved Catwoman.

Appearing in "The Vengeance Spiral"

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  • Diablo (Final appearance; dies)
  • Jim (Single appearance)





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