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"Red Skies": The skies have turned red, but in Gotham City, life goes on undisturbed.

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Batman #389 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1985. It was published on August 8, 1985.

Synopsis for "Red Skies"

The skies have turned red, but in Gotham City, life goes on undisturbed.

Commissioner Gordon summons Batman to inform him about the return of Catwoman to the city and her connection to a series of murders that have been taking place. Meanwhile, Nocturna has returned to the abandoned Gotham Observatory, to study and understand what has caused for the skies to turn red, but the authorities are alerted of her presence when she removes a street gang from the place.

The next day, Bruce Wayne visits Vicki Vale at the gym she has been going to in order to end their relationship for good, but she wouldn't listen to him, thinking that what he wants is to resume their romance. At that moment in Wayne Manor, Jason Todd calls Amanda Groscz from the Child Welfare Bureau in order to talk about his deceased mother and the need he has for a mother figure.

At night, Batman finds Catwoman near the corpse of a member of the False Face Society, but she explains that she is not responsible and is actually hoping to stop the killer. Batman takes the chance to tell Catwoman that he still cares for and thinks about her, but that ultimately, they could never hope to be together. With this heartbreaking development, Catwoman resumes her quest to find the killer, who is none other that the Night-Slayer, as he is convinced that the False Facers are all working for Nocturna and he is seeking revenge against her.

The next day, Jason Todd hears rumors of a pale lady at school and a woman calls Harvey Bullock to inform her about the disappearance of her husband, who has only left hundreds of written pages in adoration of a "pale lady". At night, Bullock and Robin go to the abandoned observatory and while Bullock is looking for the missing security guard, who was hypnotized by Nocturna, Robin finds the lady, but lies to Bullock in order to get him to leave the place. Jason then approaches Nocturna and finds her troubled as a result of the red skies, changing the night forever, but Jason can't help but ignore such events as he finally decides to call her, "mother".

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