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"Death Comes As The End": The Night-Slayer has reached the abandoned observatory, where Nocturna is trying to find an answer for the red skies and Robin is easily defeated by the

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Batman #391 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1986.

Synopsis for "Death Comes As The End"

The Night-Slayer has reached the abandoned observatory, where Nocturna is trying to find an answer for the red skies and Robin is easily defeated by the killer, who starts climbing the cliff to reach Nocturna. For this reason, Robin contacts Batman using their Utility Belt radios and informs him of the situation before he decides to act in order to save Nocturna. Meanwhile, Batman is at the hospital, trying to convince the ailing Catwoman and himself that he truly loves her, but she makes him understand that there is no black and white in love and that he is capable of loving her while also loving Nocturna. At this realization, Batman is forced to leave her in order to help Robin and prevent further killings by the Night-Slayer. As soon as Batman is out of the hospital, Catwoman gets moving and goes to the Gotham Airport.

Minutes later, Nocturna gives up her efforts as there is no solution to the terrible fate that has caused the skies to turn red. At that moment, the Night-Slayer has reached the observatory and the two of them face one another for the last time. Outside, Robin uses a hand-glider to reach the observatory while Batman climbs the cliff. Robin arrives in time to watch as Night-Slayer stabs Nocturna right below her shoulder and the rage overcomes him. Night-Slayer takes notice of Robin and attacks the boy, throwing him away with violence. Noctura, who was willing to accept death, becomes enraged at the sight of her son being attacked. Mustering all her strength, she attacks the Night-Slayer with her weapons, hidden in her jewels, buying Batman enough time to reach the building. Unfortunately, the wound caused by Night-Slayer makes her weaker by the second and eventually, the killer gets the upper hand, stabbing her twice in the already bleeding wound.

When Batman gets to the place, he attacks the Night-Slayer as the killer is about to deliver the killing blow. Batman takes Nocturna out of the way and he is stabbed instead. Despite the wound, Batman fights the Night-slayer and gives Robin enough time to take Natalia away from danger. Robin takes his surrogate mother to the room where she keeps the hot air balloon and prepares the vehicle to take her away from there, even though, all life has seemingly abandoned her body. As Batman fights the Night-Slayer, Catwoman returns to the observatory with a helicopter and crashes the vehicle in the building, arriving in time to help Batman fight the Night-Slayer.

The red storm on the outside intensifies and a thunder destroys the observatory. Robin puts Natalia's body inside the hot air balloon, in hopes to get her out of danger and Catwoman is being defeated by the killer. Batman, who is already exhausted finds a way to make the giant telescope collapse on top of the killer and with Robin's help, they succeed, but the Night-Slayer takes Catwoman in his fall as they two plunge towards the sea. With the environment collapsing around them, Batman and Robin also jump and swim to the shore, where they find Catwoman and the Night-Slayer, unconscious. Thinking that Catwoman is dead, Batman is relieved when she recovers and they keep a close eye on the Night-Slayer, who will no longer kill and will be taken to the authorities to clear Catwoman's name. Sadly, the three of them witness how Nocturna's balloon is destroyed in the midst of the storm and the heroes mourn the loss of a woman, who meant much more to them than they realized.

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  • Nocturna's Hot Air Balloon (Destroyed)


  • This issue takes place after the events of Detective Comics #557 and the story continues in Detective Comics #558.
  • The story has no actual title inside and the given title is the tagline used in the cover.
  • The red sky and the destruction of Earth continues in this issue a result of the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but this reference is never mentioned in the story.

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