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"The Penguin Affair III: Winged Vengeance": In the Batcave, Bruce analyzes one of the birds left after the atack by the Penguin, while Alfred and Tim Drake clean the m

Batman #449 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1990.

Synopsis for "The Penguin Affair III: Winged Vengeance"

In the Batcave, Bruce analyzes one of the birds left after the atack by the Penguin, while Alfred and Tim Drake clean the mess left after the struggle. Bruce finds that the birds have a wave modulator implanted in their skulls, which allows Penguin to control them with microwaves signals. Tim suggests that they could use one of the modulators to trace the signal back to its origin when Penguin starts manipulating them and although Bruce knows that is a good idea, they still don't have the means to do that. Batman leaves the cave, but not before telling Alfred and Tim to investigate the recent activities of the organized crime in Gotham.

Batman drives the Batmobile to a deserted cliff near the sea, where he stops and takes a moment to meditate. This helps Batman clear his troubled mind and after a few moments, he comes with a perfect plan thanks to Tim's suggestion. As Batman leaves the place, he reminds himself to congratulate the kid for his idea.

Meanwhile, Penguin is going to a secret castle atop of a snowy mountain, which he intends to use as a hideout and meeting place for his future activities. He takes his henchwoman, Lark with him and they also take Harold with them. Penguin intends to use Harold's abilities to sell the bird controlling device that he created, but Harold soon learns that Penguin will turn against him once the deal is done. Also inside this castle hideout is Sherry West, the actress that Penguin keeps as a hostage and forces to be his romantic partner.

Alfred and Tim have done their research about recent criminal activity and they learn that a large group of international criminals have just recently arrived in Gotham. With this information, they track down one of the latest gangsters to arrive and they place a tracking device on his vehicle with Batman's assistance.

The criminal gathering is taking place at Penguin's hideout, but unaware to him, Harold has released Sherry and wants to protect her from Penguin. The crooks want a demonstration of Penguin's technology and without Harold, Penguin has to control the bird controling machine himself. When the machine is turned on, the satellites at WayneTech manage to trace down the signal and Batman follows the waves, triangulating them with the tracking device on the gangster's vehicle and so he locates Penguin's hideout.

The criminals are baffled as all they seem to be watching is trained birds, but when Batman's helicopter approaches the site, Penguin starts the real demonstration of bird brutality. Most of the criminals decide to flee from the place after Batman has reached the hideout, but Penguin keeps attacking the Dark Knight with his bidrs. Harold finds and confronts Penguin, but he is no match for the criminal. However, this distraction was enough for Batman to tamper with Penguin's system and the birds are neutralized. Penguin makes one last attempt by holding Sherry as his hostage, but as always, he is defeated and captured by Batman.

Commissioner Gordon soon arrives at the place to arrest Penguin and rescue Sherry. It is then that Sherry tells Batman and Gordon about Harold, who simply disappeared from the place after Penguin was captured. Sherry believes Harold only wants to be left alone and so, they decide to leave the place, while Harold silently watches from the shadows.

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