"Sisters in Arms, Part One: It's a Man's World": Catwoman interrupts a mugging, quickly taking out the muggers, but when the potential victims believe she is going to hurt them, she becomes angry and tells them to take a cab next time. The

Quote1.png You're a vigilante, Batman. By rights you should be locked up! If it wasn't for the way Jim Gordon feels -- and the good he swears you've done this city -- I'd arrest you myself! Quote2.png
Sarah Essen

Batman #460 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1991.

Appearing in "Sisters in Arms, Part One: It's a Man's World"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Catwoman
  • Ellis Agency (white slave trade)
    • Leo Londis (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Sisters in Arms, Part One: It's a Man's World"

Catwoman interrupts a mugging, quickly taking out the muggers, but when the potential victims believe she is going to hurt them, she becomes angry and tells them to take a cab next time. The female victim wants to know why they can't walk at night in their own city, to which Catwoman replies, "Not my problem--Take it up with the mayor!" before swinging off.

The male victim is ashamed to be rescued by a woman, but he cheers up when he finds a bag of loot that Catwoman dropped. Batman, however, emerges from the shadows to take the bag from him and summons the police.

Sarah Essen is bewildered by Catwoman's behavior, and she is upset by Batman's presence (and accepted position as a vigilante) and her boyfriend Jim Gordon's recent bad health. Batman compliments her police work before leaving for a meeting with Joe Potato about the white slave trade.

Catwoman returns to her apartment in Brideshead where her roommate Arizona greets her. Arizona can't understand why Selina would let her move in rent-free, and Selina tells her that she reminds her of someone else. Selina then notices that she dropped her loot.

Batman and Potato go to investigate the Ellis Agency. Potato believes they are a front for the white slave trade, but Batman finds no evidence. Potato was hired by her parents to find a girl who went missing after the Ellis Agency hired her as a "dancer," though, and he's tracked down three other families whose children have gone missing too. Batman believes him, but what are they going to do about it?

On the news, reporter Andy Webber claims that Catwoman attacked the mugging victims she rescued, and he asks psychologist Bill Perkins to psychoanalyze her. Sarah visits Jim Gordon in his hospital room, and he warns her to stay away from Catwoman because she's dangerous.

Selina and Arizona are watching the news broadcast too. Selina is furious.

Bruce Wayne goes to meet Vicki Vale outside the Gotham Daily News. She is triumphant over the success of her recent photo feature on Gotham's homeless population, and her editor has given her a new assignment--Catwoman. Bruce thinks it's foolish of her to risk her life by accepting the job, but Vicki is unconcerned.

Selina takes Arizona to the Gotham Gallery to check out their Egyptian exhibit. Bruce and Vicki are also there, and Bruce expresses his concern about the Karnak Cat display after Webber and Perkins practically dared Catwoman to steal it. The curator Leo Londis reassures him by explaining the security measures in place, not knowing that Selina is listening in.

That night, Batman goes to investigate the Ellis Agency while Sarah stakes out the Gotham Gallery. Vicki is also there to catch a photo of Catwoman, which she manages as Catwoman runs across the rooftops above her.

Leo Londis receives a phone call telling him that Catwoman will be here soon. The Karnak Cat is a trap. Londis wants to capture Catwoman and plans to leave with her within the hour.



  • Andy Webber mentions Catwoman attacking Sara Dulman. This happened in her last appearance.[1]

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