"Sisters in Arms, Part Two: Ladies' Night": Catwoman breaks into the Gotham Gallery, knocking out Sarah Essen's police officers, as Vicki Vale gets it all on film.

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Joe Potato

Batman #461 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1991.

Appearing in "Sisters in Arms, Part Two: Ladies' Night"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Catwoman
  • Ellis Agency (white slave trade)
    • Leo Londis (Final appearance)
    • Chan, Harry, Kano, Spike (henchmen)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Sisters in Arms, Part Two: Ladies' Night"

Catwoman breaks into the Gotham Gallery, knocking out Sarah Essen's police officers, as Vicki Vale gets it all on film.

Batman and Joe Potato are staking out the Ellis Agency, waiting for evidence of their human trafficking before they strike.

Vicki follows a mysterious figure that she thinks might be another thief around the building when Sarah pulls a gun on her. Vicki informs her that Catwoman is already there, and Sarah runs off to find her with Vicki close behind.

Catwoman reaches the gallery where she takes out the two guards. She begins to take care of the security measures on the Karnak Cat.

Men from the Ellis Agency begin to usher young women into a bus, but Batman stands in front of the women and warns them that, though he has no proof, he has suspicions that the agency is not all that it seems. The women become suspicious that the agency made all the travel arrangements itself and collected their passports, and they demand them back.

The men try to push the women into the bus, but Batman fights them off. The leader of the men tries to escape, but he is stopped by Joe Potato, who intimidates him into revealing that his Gotham contact is Leo Londis. Batman races off in the Batmobile.

Catwoman successfully steals the Karnak Cat, but she does not get far before she is stopped by Leo Londis and his guards. Londis tells her that a client of his has purchased her, and his guards go to grab her. She uses the Karnak Cat to knock out one.

Catwoman tries the door, but neither she nor Sarah on the other side can open it. Catwoman looks through the peephole to see Sarah and Vicki, and she leaps over the guards to escape out through the roof.

Sarah is there waiting for her, but Vicki's arrival distracts Sarah and Catwoman whips her gun out of her hands. The three women tussle, and their fight is broken up when Londis and his men arrive and hold them at gunpoint, forcing them to walk back downstairs.

Vicki pulls her camera on Londis and his guards, stunning them with the flash, which allows Catwoman and Essen to disarm them. Londis tries to escape the gallery, but when he opens the door, an army of stray cats rush in. Catwoman summoned them somehow, calling it a "little trick [she] picked up from a friend of mine." She runs away with the Karnak Cat, escaping off the roof while Sarah yells for her to come back.

Batman arrives afterwards, and he wonders if he missed something.

In their apartment, Selina and Arizona watch the news. Andy Webber says that Sergeant Essen has contacted Interpol to find the other victims of the trafficking ring and that Vicki Vale took photographs of the action. He concludes by noting that the Karnak Cat could not be sold on open auction, so Catwoman will likely sell it to a private collector for several million dollars.

Selina smiles as she pets the statue's head.



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