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"Blood Kin": Batman is investigating a series of family murders. He then sees a vision of Saint Dumas and Azrael telling him he has failed his father's legacy by taking up the mantle of the bat. Sain

Quote1.png The cape protected me, but it should be more than defense... the cape itself must become a weapon. The system... it's still good for some things. Quote2.png
Batman (Jean-Paul Valley)

Batman #505 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1994.

Synopsis for "Blood Kin"

Batman is investigating a series of family murders. He then sees a vision of Saint Dumas and Azrael telling him he has failed his father's legacy by taking up the mantle of the bat. Saint Dumas says that Jean-Paul was meant to be the savior of the city not a ruthless assassin meant for destruction. Azrael fails to believe in it causing Saint Dumas to stab him with his blade killing him. Before fading away, Azrael tells Jean-Paul to carry his legacy on. As the police arrive they notice Batman swings away from the house.

At a courtyard, Abattoir breaks the bones of his ancestors and sucks on the pieces. Jean-Paul investigates on the computer files on the murdered family, which revealed their relationship to Abattoir, who is known for his obsession in feasting on his ancestors' souls, and intends on killing his existing relatives, in which his next victim would be his cousin's son, Graham Etchinson. Batman drives in the Batmobile to locate Etchinson before Abattoir does. Meanwhile, Graham Etchinson is announced the guest of honor at the Wayne Foundation hall and in which he gives his thanks to the audience for their donations being funded for a camping trip for a dozen orphaned kids that he will be supervising.

The next evening, Graham and a group of kids come to locate their bus for the camping trip. While the driver is walking to his bus, Abattoir sneaks up on him, killing him, and disguising himself as the driver. The kids and Graham get on the bus and noticing their usual bus driver is not driving them. Abattoir takes out a gun and pointing it towards Graham, saying his intentions to killing him along with the kids. While Batman drives next to the bus, he jumps off and landing on the bus's roof. He grabs Abattoir out of the driver's seat and forcing Etchinson to take the wheel. Batman and Abattoir fights on the roof. Abattoir recovers and uses a blade to pierce Batman's cape.

But before he finishes him off, the bus loses control and skids over a cliff. Batman kicks Abattoir, causing the killer to fall onto a passing train and carrying him away. Noticing that the bus is going to fall, Batman chose to save the kids and Etchinson rather than chasing after Abattoir. Knowing that he made the right decision to save the bus's occupants, Batman tells Etchinson that he will call the police as Abattoir still remains at large before returning to the Batcave with plans to improve his cape in making it more then just defense.

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This comic issue is a part of the massive Knightfall crossover event. Knightfall consisted of three parts, Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd. The trilogy involved Batman's back being broken by Bane, the debut and subsequent descent into madness of Bruce Wayne's successor Batman Jean-Paul Valley, and Bruce Wayne's recovery and reclamation of his former title, combatting Valley himself. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Knightfall Crossover" category.