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"Legacy, Prelude: Twelve Steps to the Heart of Hell": Bruce, Tim and Dick are on their way to Sudan to find the cure to the Ebola Gulf-A virus. They change into their costumes and

Quote1.png Fear serves no purpose beyond triggering the primitive instinct of flight for self-preservation... but in this case we have to face our beast, hunt it down, and slay it. Quote2.png

Batman #533 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1996.

Synopsis for "Legacy, Prelude: Twelve Steps to the Heart of Hell"

Bruce, Tim and Dick are on their way to Sudan to find the cure to the Ebola Gulf-A virus. They change into their costumes and drop somewhere in the desert. Batman guided them through the desert until they find the entrance to the ruins they are seeking. They engage in combat with the people guarding the entrance and once they are inside they find twelve empty bottles. The bottles have symbols on them that represent the Zodiac signs and on the bottom there are some lines carved. Batman put them in the Zodiac order and then transcribes the lines in that same order. In the end the lines are showing some kind of map.

In Gotham City, The Penguin is planning to stir some chaos in the city by telling D.A. Voder to announce a forced quarantine over the people who are infected by the virus. Commissioner Gordon fears that Voder's announcement might end up bad and Huntress tells him not to worry about that. She later goes to Voder's office and takes down his bodyguards in front of him and tells him to say in his press conference that everything is under control.

Batman, Nightwing and Robin use the map to travel through the ruins. When they reach a dead end, Batman devises a way out by moving a big rock on the top of the roof. The three of them go out back to a desertic area but this time they find a camp full of tents and heavy machinery. They try to sneak into that camp but are soon discovered and surrounded by enemies. An elevator door opens and reveals three figures coming out of it; one of them is the mastermind that is looking at the same secrets of the virus to turn it into a weapon. The three vigilantes are shocked by the sight of him...

Appearing in "Legacy, Prelude: Twelve Steps to the Heart of Hell"

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Other Characters:

  • D.A. Seth Voder (First appearance)




  • Bruce Wayne's Private Jet



  • Batman states that the guards of the ruins are Tuareg.
  • The writer uses the Zodiac signs to develop the main story.
  • The quote in page one that reads: When the world is pregnant with death, a secret long hidden will be revealed. is said to be from an anonymous author. This in fact isn't true. The original quote changes the word "death" for "lies" and its author is Mark Mirabello; a writer who specialises in secret societies and conspiracy theories.

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Batman: Legacy Crossover
The events from this issue are related to the Legacy crossover that went through the Batman Family Titles in 1996. The events of Legacy lead into Batman: Cataclysm, and ultimately No Man's Land.