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"Darkest Night of the Man-Bat Part 1 Predation": Gotham City is in complete darkness and a bat-like creature has started to terrorize the city. An eyewitness goes to the police department and tells Sgt. Bullock about the creature. Bullock lets [[Bruce Wayne (Ne

Quote1.png You again...always trying to stop me...always stealing the night from me...even though it's mine not yours! You're a fake...just a man...not a real bat! Just a pretender...not a predator!... No more talk! I'm sick of you...but I can never kill you! Now the night is everywhere...so why should I stay here...with you? I'm going away...to hunt and prey elsewhere...and never see you again! I'm leaving this place...forever! Quote2.png

Batman #536 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1996.

Synopsis for "Darkest Night of the Man-Bat Part 1 Predation"

Gotham City is in complete darkness and a bat-like creature has started to terrorize the city. An eyewitness goes to the police department and tells Sgt. Bullock about the creature. Bullock lets Batman know about the sightings of the bat creature. Batman reckons that some of those sightings might have been himself but just to make sure about it Batman goes to Kirk Langstrom's house. When he enters, he finds Francine Langstrom lying unconscious on the floor and the place a mess, indicating a previous struggle. Batman knows then that Man-Bat is prowling the city. Batman tells Bullock to call an ambulance for Francine Langstrom and he starts to create the antidote to revert Kirk's mutation.

Meanwhile, Man-Bat attacks some people at the harbor just to feed from their fish. Every second that passes, Man-Bat starts to lose any humanity left inside him and is acting more feral and instinctive. Batman's theory is that because of the prolonged night time, the instincts of a nocturnal animal in Langstrom becomes stronger and controls the man.

Batman patrols the streets to find him and in the meantime he stops a robbery. Just when he is about to knock out the last of the thieves, Man-Bat appears and takes the thug as his prey. Batman ties up a rope on the man's ankle and prevents him becoming Man-Bat's dinner. Man-Bat is furious at Batman and the monster decides to leave Gotham once and for all in order to escape from Batman and to hunt any prey he wants. Batman saves the thief and takes him to the police.

Later, Commissioner Gordon calls Batman and told him that Francine Langstrom is awake and asking for her husband. Batman decides to follow Man-Bat to the north, where the beast has departed and help the doctor trapped in the monster's body.

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  • This is a tie-in to The Final Night storyline.
  • The story continues in Batman #537.
  • The credit box features a special thanks to Ray McCarthy.
  • This issue is the first part of the three part storyline labeled as Darkest Night of the Man-Bat.
  • The letter column features a little essay from inker John Beatty. In which he explained that he came up with the idea for the Batman #535 issue. He also explained that for health issues regarding his eyes, he needed the help of Mark Heike in completing the issue's inks. He also thanked the doctors who treated his ailment and of couse he thanked the DC group that he has been working with at the time.


  • There is a quote by John Herschel; a prominent British figure.
  • Harvey Bullock is seen eating from a box that reads: Colonel Jimbo's Ribs. This is a reference to Colonel Sanders and his famous chickens.

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