"Chasing Clay": Cassius Payne, Clayface IV, was captive in the Department of Extranormal Operations laboratory. The doctor Peter Malley was experimenting with Clayface to unravel the mystery behind the Clayfaces. Malley took a piece

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Cassius Payne, Clayface IV, was captive in the Department of Extranormal Operations laboratory. The doctor Peter Malley was experimenting with Clayface to unravel the mystery behind the Clayfaces. Malley took a piece of Cassius' skin wich was clay instead of normal skin. Malley put the piece in a glass vase and started to record some background on the Clayface case. While he was recording the past history of the formers Clayfaces, the piece of clay inside the glass started to move in a weird way. It seemed that the piece of Cassius' skin was alive itself. Doctor Malley didn't noticed this and he continued working on his recording. The clay started to burn one of the glass sides and made a hole in it. The clay moved out of the vase and Malley realized that the clay was gone. Malley freaked out and started to look for the clay everywhere. The clay was in an upper pipe and jumped down over Malley. At the contact the clay started to fuse with Malley and transformed into a new clay-like being. A guard overheard the noises and entered the room to see what was happening. The guard faced a monster and when the guard shoot three timed to the monster's head, the bullets just went through without harming the clay person. The monster looked at the gun in the guard's hand and started to melt it without even touching it. Then he melted one of the walls and escaped the place looking for his "mommy and daddy in Gotham". Cassius felt that a part of him was leaving him and wanted to be freed to follow it to Gotham. The clay-thing melted a car's door and started his journey to Gotham city.

At the D.E.O. building, the medics were trying to separate the melted gun off the guard's hand, but it was all in vain. They needed to amputate the arm before more organs were compromised. Sandra Barret was told by the guard that the clay-thing was headed to Gotham and she asked for any agent available in that city. She was reported that the only available agent was Cameron Chase; a rookie that had just been hired.

The D.E.O. contacted Chase when she was on her way to Gotham to visit her sister Terry Chase. They told her that her sister would receive a fax with all the information about the case she was assigned. When Cameron arrived to her sister's home, they discussed about Terry's admiration of superheroes and Cameron reproached her that attitude towards what she believed to be metahumans and aliens to society. Cameron read all the needed information on the Clayface case and she was ready to start working over it.

Meanwhile in Gotham there was already a report of a missing police officer. Harvey Bullock investigated the case and the place where the officer was last seen. The officer's car was near a shapeless mass on the ground. Bullock told an officer to take a sample of that stuff to the forensic laboratory. Batman was nearby the scene and decided to take a sample of it as well. Meanwhile, the Clay-thing already in Gotham had emptied the car's gasoline and pulled off to charge some more. The owner of the gas station was freaked out at the sight of the monster and ran away in fear. Clay-thing was shocked as well and melted the entire gas station just by staring ai it. Then it began to walk away to find his parents.

In the Batcave, Batman discovered that the mass was actually organic matter from a human body that was melted. He let the police knew about that and then started to work searching some clues on the possible suspects. Agent Cameron Case went to the police department to pick up the files about Clayface III. Batman knew that the crime was related to a Clayface in some way. He knew that Clayface I was melted underground. Clayface II was deceased and Clayface III and his wife, Lady Clayface were both at Arkham Asylum. Batman deduced that the attacks were coming from Cassius, the fifth clayface.

When Batman arrived at the cave that Clayface III and Lady Clay used as a hideout, he found that Cameron Chase was already there looking for some clues. Chase was uncomfortable having Batman near her and Batman talked to her to made her realize the wrongs of her thoughts towards the metahumans and vigilantes. Batman also learned that it wasn't Cassius Payne who was behind it all but rather Peter Malley, who was fused with a part of Cassius. When they found no more clues, they decided to go to Arkham Asylum, wich was the most likely place for the Clay-thing to strike. Batman outrun Chase by using the Batmobile and arrived there first. Chase asked for her sister's help with the adresses and was delayed.

By the time Batman arrived to Arkham, Clay-thing had arrived to the place. Batman tried to knock him but couldn't make it. Batman ran from Clay-thing's sight to avoid getting melted and Clay-thing seized the chance to melt one of the Asylum walls. Clayface III was guiding Clay-thing from the inside of Arkham, but upon entering the place he is stunned by Amygdala. Batman fought Amygdala until to prevent him from escaping Arkham and using a knockout gas pellet, Batman subdued his enemy. Chase arrived just in time to try and stop Clay-thing from hurting anyone else but was almost melted by Clay-thing's sight if Batman wouldn't had saved her. Cameron Chase then feels the pressure of Clay-thing walking towards her and something snapped inside her and Clay-thing started to melt down. When the creature was completely meltded, Batman and Chase were wondering what just happened. Chase told Batman that he was not needed anymore as the D.E.O. would take care of the case from that point on. Batman told Chase to make sure that another incident like that one doesn't repeat.

Cameron Chase then came to the wrong conclusion that Batman was the responsible for the melting of Clay-thing with superhuman powers. Batman on the other hand knew better and he realized that Cameron Chase was a metahuman herself and that she melted Clay-thing.


  • Published with a variant cover which included a Cameron Chase trading card.
  • Soon after publication of this issue, Cameron Chase is featured in her own eponymous series titled Chase. She chronologically appeared last in flashback in Chase #5. Her next actual appearance is in Chase #1.
  • Sandy Barrett appears next in Chase #1.
  • Terry Chase chronologically appeared last in flashback in Chase #3. She chronologically appears next in the main story featured in Chase #3.


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