"Cataclysm, Part Twelve: Master of Destruction": The Gotham City Police Department watches the videotape sent by Quakemaster and decided that they couldn't risk the city to get hit by another earthquake, so they would give Quakemaster what

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Synopsis for "Cataclysm, Part Twelve: Master of Destruction"

The Gotham City Police Department watches the videotape sent by Quakemaster and decided that they couldn't risk the city to get hit by another earthquake, so they would give Quakemaster what he was asking for. Batman watched the video from afar, and decided to seek a professional seismologist to confirm whether the threats were valid or empty. Batman arrived at Jolene Relazzo's apartment and found it empty and with signs of violence. Batman assumed that Relazzo was involved in this case but he was unsure what was her role.

At Quakemaster's hideout, he threatened a captive Jolene Relazzo and told her that the information that she gave him better convince the people or she would be in great danger.

Bruce went to the Wayne Enterprises building to search information on Jolene Relazzo and discovered that she was a honest woman working for him and the city. Bruce assumed that she was abducted by whoever the Quakemaster was and she was being used to give information on earthquakes to their captors.

Batman met with Commissioner Gordon who gave him a copy of the videotape and both of them set the plan to catch the Quakemaster. They put the ransom money in the given place and when the henchmen arrived to take the money, Batman sneaked under the chopper they were using. Upon descending on another rooftop, Batman surprised the henchmen and demanded to know who was their boss, but they didn't knew the identity. While they were struggling, someone took the ransom money and Batman told the henchmen to take him at the last meeting place of them and the Quakemaster.

Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock were watching the ransom videotape over and over again. Renee recognized the background of the scene as the GCTV news set and both of them rushed to said place. Upon arriving, they found it empty except for Batman who was also looking for Quakemaster and turned the two henchmen to the police custody.

Batman arrived at the Batcave where he discussed the events with Nightwing; Robin; Alfred and Harold. They watched the videotape and Batman realized that the information that the Quakemaster was giving in it was false as he mentions the extinction of the mammoths being caused by earthquakes. Batman knew that the facts that Quakemaster exposed in the tape were false and that they were given to him by a seismologist expert, wich in this case was Jolene Relazzo.

The Bat-Family was a bit less worried about another earthquake but Batman was more concerned that Jolene Relazzo's life was still at the mercy of Quakemaster.



  • Jolene Relazzo lives on Mercator street. It is a reference to the Mercator projection; a map projection used by geographers, cartographers and seismologists.
  • The Crustal displacement theory used by Quakemaster is also called the Pole shift hypothesis.
  • There is a reference to Altantis; the fictional real-world city. Not the in-universe Atlantis.

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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.

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