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"Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington, Part Two: The Witness": Bruce Wayne stands in front of a hearing audience at the Capitol Building in order to discuss the need of the United States Government to rebuild Gotham City.

Quote1.png I'm not going to present you with a fairy-tale image of Gotham. It's a hard luck town. It always has been. It's a place of dark tragedies and bitter ironies. A city of deep shadows and sharp contrasts. A city that touches everyone who lives there. For good and bad. I see Gotham as an anvil. One is broken or tempered on it. So many trials. So much misfortune. So little hope. But some thrive there. Gothamites are a tough breed. They're proud of their town and their talent for living in it. My family has lived there for two centuries. It was there that they built the financial giant that is a leading player in a half dozen industries. And it was Gothamites who helped build it. By their sweat and their labor and sometimes their lives they made Gotham a world competitor. Against all the odds. Maybe Gotham is inspiring in its own way. Inspiration spurred by fear. Or something even darker. But despite their troubles and their setbacks, Gothamites keep going. And there's something noble about that. It's an admirable trait, I think. Every city has its own personality. I like to think that dogged determination is Gotham's. It's a town that's never had its hand out. That's never played the victim. It's a town that's used to standing alone. It bears being maligned and forgotten. It helps itself. Even when the burdens become too great. Even when it should be screaming for rescue. But the people of Gotham know that justice can be an illusion. And rescue has its price. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Gotham can only help itself from this latest catastrophe -- with your help -- the country's help. I know the people of my hometown will work hard to rebuild. I know they'll repay this nation for any sacrifice it has to make. There's simply more to be gained by helping us than abandoning us. And I'm betting my entire fortune on it. Without a single doubt or regret. Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

Batman #561 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1999.

Synopsis for "Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington, Part Two: The Witness"

Bruce Wayne stands in front of a hearing audience at the Capitol Building in order to discuss the need of the United States Government to rebuild Gotham City.

Bruce speaks the whole truth about Gotham; in words that reflects the commitment and the love Bruce holds for the city. Some people in the audience even doubt that Bruce is capable of expressing himself in such an eloquent way. Bruce recalls the death of his parents and also the moment when he decided to take the mantle of the bat to protect the city. The Gotham Police Department, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon and every other concerned Gothamitie are watching as Bruce Wayne defends the city on their behalf.

When Bruce finishes his speech, Senator Barclay reminds the audience that Gotham is perceived as a den for all sorts of criminals. Bruce replies that Gotham should be judged for its good people and in a subtle way, Bruce reminds Barclay about the "demons" in everyone's lives. Bruce remembers Ra's al Ghul but Senator Barclay remembers the attack on his bedroom a couple of nights before, perpetrated by Nicholas Scratch's devil-faced minions.

Barclay ends his questions but Senator Hillier accuses Bruce of trying to save his wealth and improve his business by saving Gotham. Bruce remembers Bane and how he almost destroyed him and his city. Bruce then replies that he has been called many things in the past but despite all the setbacks, he could never quit on Gotham.

In a last statement, Bruce tells the senators and the audience that if they need proof that Gotham is a city worth saving, they should look at the past events when Gotham survived not only one but two strains of plague that decimated the population and the later earthquake that destroyed most of it. Bruce tells them that the decision is up to them and he leaves the building as he believes he has nothing more to add.

Outside, the press goes crazy for a word from Bruce and he tells a lady that he will just answer one question. When the lady asks Bruce why does he care so much for Gotham, Bruce replies that it is a promise he made a long time ago and then he remembers the vow made to his parents and his role as Batman.

Appearing in "Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington, Part Two: The Witness"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Martha Wayne (Flashback only) (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Thomas Wayne (Flashback only) (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Gary the Lobbyist
  • Senator Barclay Means
  • Senator Hillier (Single appearance)






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