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** {{a|[[Clarence Foley (New Earth)|Foley]]}}
** {{a|[[Clarence Foley (New Earth)|Foley]]}}
** Lowell
** Lowell
* {{apn|[[Roman Sionis (New Earth)|Black Mask]]|Nightwing Vol 2 #1|Detective Comics #732}}
* {{apn|[[Roman Sionis (New Earth)|Black Mask]]|Nightwing Vol 2 #1|Detective Comics #732}}
** {{a|[[False Face Society]]}}
** {{a|[[False Face Society]]}}

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"Mosaic, Part One": Black Mask has gathered a cult of followers and their only purpose was to seize control over all Gotham City. Black Mask got rid of his old costume and mask and now he walks the streets showing his scarred face to the world.

Quote1 Everything is different, now. Identity shatters. Gotham's mine. Yours. No masks. No disguises. Only shards. We are revealed as what we have always been. Nothing. A mosaic of pieces. We are Gotham's true face. We are Gotham stripped bare. All who see must know. And those who do not see, they must be purged. Quote2
Black Mask

Batman #565 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1999.

Appearing in "Mosaic, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Rex




Synopsis for "Mosaic, Part One"

Black Mask has gathered a cult of followers and their only purpose was to seize control over all Gotham City. Black Mask got rid of his old costume and mask and now he walks the streets showing his scarred face to the world.

Barbara Gordon was catching some sleep and she dreamt of her time as Batgirl. A call woke her up and she answered one of her many spies across Gotham. The name was Rex and he was checking upon the Black Mask gang. Oracle told him to be careful as if suspecting that something was going to happen. As soon as Rex hung the phone, he was attacked by the Black Mask gang and Batgirl arrived to try to save him. Unfortunately she wasn't quick enough and they took Rex away from there.

Meanwhile, Batman has formed and alliance with Lock-Up in which Batman captured the criminals and evil-doers and Lock-Up keep them prisoners in Blackgate Penitentiary with help of KGBeast.

James Gordon was having troubles with his wife Sarah and the rest of the members of the Gotham City Police Department were having second thoughts about Gordon's leadership as he would post them around the Gotham Clock Tower in order to protect his daughter, Barbara.

Gordon's tactic was not out of place, as Batman has investigated, Black Mask was taking down all the buildings owned by Bruce Wayne and the Gotham Clock Tower was one of them. Batman told Batgirl that it was her responsibility to watch out and protect the tower from the incoming attack from Black Mask and his cult of followers. Batgirl tried to explain that it might be too much for her to handle alone, but Batman told her that if she couldn't do it, perhaps she wasn't worthy to wear the mantle of the bat.

Harvey Bullock was the only officer who was in favor of Gordon's plans and he wasn't shy about it. Gordon visited Barbara to make sure she was alright and to talk about his relation with Sarah and the latest sightings of Batman.

Later, Black Mask was holding Rex in his hideout and was questioning him about his supplies and who handled them to him. Rex wouldn't speak and Black Mask tortured him and burned his eyes with burning iron, leaving him permanently blind. Some time later, Black Mask along with all his followers announced their arrival at the Gotham Clock Tower and threw Rex's body to the police officers protecting the tower. There were just a few officers and they fired the flare gun to call reinforcements, but Barbara knew that they would take too long to arrive. She armed herself with a sniper rifle, feeling sorry for her informant, Rex, she prepared to shoot Roman Sionis in the head in order to stop all of his followers as well. Barbara was ready to strike when suddenly out of nowhere she saw something that shocked her and left her breathless. Batgirl arrived and was ready to attack Black Mask and defend the tower, as Batman instructed.



  • This is the first time that Barbara Gordon watches the new Batgirl.

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