"Fearless, Part 1": The present:

Batman #582 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2000. It was published on August 30, 2000.

Synopsis for "Fearless, Part 1"

The present: Batman is right in the midst of a gunfire and is holding the dying body of Jeremy Samuels. Batman is angry that he was not able to save his friend.

Years ago: Jeremy Samuels is the former head of security at Wayne Enterprises. He not only helped Batman from time to time, but he also is a friend of Bruce Wayne. But then Samuels lost his wife and child due to an explosion which totally pushed him over the edge. He developed a death wish and went on a crime spree just to get killed. But Batman prevented that and Samuels went to jail.

One month earlier: Now Samuels is being paroled also thanks to Bruce Wayne vouching for him by offering him a job opportunity. Samuels once again becomes part of the security of Wayne Enterprises, but Batman, his friends and even the Gotham City Police Department continue to keep an eye on him. It does not take long for Samuels to quit on his job because it is just not working out for him. One night, Batman visits him to try to talk sense into him but without success. After receiving valid information by Oracle, Batman jumps into a heist. The whole incident astonishes Batman especially because the men he is fighting seem to be better martial artists than plain robbers. He does not know that someone who is working with Samuels and the Penguin is watching his moves. By the time Batman realizes what is going on, the watcher is gone ...

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  • Most of this issue is told as a flashback. Batman and Jeremy Samuels's appearances on pages 1-3 which take place in the present fit in between pages 17 and 18 of issue #583. * The name of the writer is misprinted on the cover. Writer is Ed Brubaker (not Larry Hama).

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