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"Under the Hood, Part 4: Bidding War": Opening narration explains the usefulness and importance of the Kryptonite compared to the various other elements like gold and diamonds and points that Kryptonite is just as unique and important to Earth as is [[Kal-El (New E

Quote1.png I'd really like you to go kill this guy and get me my Kryptonite. Can you swing that? Quote2.png
Black Mask

Batman #638 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2005. It was published on March 30, 2005.

Synopsis for "Under the Hood, Part 4: Bidding War"

Opening narration explains the usefulness and importance of the Kryptonite compared to the various other elements like gold and diamonds and points that Kryptonite is just as unique and important to Earth as is Superman. Focus then switches to Batman and Nightwing, who are searching the warehouse where Amazo was storaged. Using a Bat-Particle Detector, Batman learns that there was a large amount of Kryptonite storaged in that same place.

Meanwhile, Red Hood talks to Black Mask, who tries to convince Red Hood to work for him. Red Hood refuses and instead asks for fifty million dollars in exchange for the Kryptonite shipment he stole from Black Mask. David Li tries to talk Black Mask out of the deal, but the crime lord shuts him up and offers Red Hood fourteen million for the kryptonite and they make a deal. Red Hood tells Black Mask that he would call back with a location for the money exchange. After they finish their conversation, Black Mask talks to Mr. Freeze and tells him to kill Red Hood and recover the kryptonite.

Batman and Nightwing ride on the Batmobile following the trail of the radiation and Nightwing tries to suggest getting help from Oracle, but he stopped when he recalls that she is no longer available and Batman just tells him that they must learn to work without her. The computer on the Batmobile picks up the radiation trail from the kryptonite and they follow the signal.

At that moment, Mr. Freeze and some of Black Mask henchmen arrive at the warehouse where they are supposed to deliver the money to Red Hood, who is suspicious about Freeze's presence in the place. The thugs open the suitcase with the money to put away any suspicion, but Red Hood wonders if the suitcase is just a bait full of newspaper under the first layer of dollars. Freeze confirms Red Hood's theory and attacks him with his cold gun, but Red Hood starts shooting at them and avoids the freezing beam with his agility. The thugs start shooting as well and Red Hood rolls over the floor and activates several turret guns that come out of some crates and he starts shooting back, killing all of the thugs except for Freeze, whose new Cryo-Suit protects him from the bullets. After seeing this, Red Hood approaches Freeze and places an explosive on the villain's glass helmet, hoping that the explosion eliminates him once and for all, but after the device explodes, Freeze's armor comes out intact. Freeze then aims his gun at Red Hood again and is ready to attack when he is suddenly stopped by Batman, who has arrived at the place after following the Kryptonite's radiation trail. Batman uses a Batrope to get a hold of Freeze's arm while Nightwing fights Red Hood on the other end of the warehouse. Nightwing tries to take Red Hood down, but he is forced to stop his attacks when Red Hood activates the turrets against him. Meanwhile, Freeze cuts the Batrope and as he watches Batman approaching towards him, he uses his gun to create an ice column and escape the place. Nightwing joins Batman shortly and informs him that Red Hood has also escaped. They realize that Freeze's armor and weapons are more powerful than before and that Red Hood is very good.

Jason Todd is Red Hood

Some time later, Red Hood walks through an abandoned carnival and enters the Fun House, where Joker was sitting on the floor. Joker can't see Red Hood and demands to know the man's identity. Red Hood doesn't reply and keeps walking closer towards Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime threatens the man to kill him if he doesn't tell who he is, but Red Hood grabs Joker and starts beating him, brutally and unrelentlessly with a crowbar. Leaving the Joker unconscious and in a pool of his own blood, Red Hood takes off his helmet and reveals himself as Jason Todd, the former Robin who was killed by Joker.

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