"Grotesk (Part IV of IV)": Commissioner James Gordon is questioning Amina Franklin about her dead brother, who the police believe to be the active criminal known as Grotesk. [[Bruce Wayne (New Earth)|Bruc

Quote1 You ask for pity? You demand mercy? I have only Justice. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Grotesk (Part IV of IV)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Grotesk (Flashback and main story) (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Henry Jones (Single appearance) (Flashback only)
  • Mister Franklin (Single appearance) (Flashback only)



  • Unknown


  • Sailboat
  • Freighter

Synopsis for "Grotesk (Part IV of IV)"

Commissioner James Gordon is questioning Amina Franklin about her dead brother, who the police believe to be the active criminal known as Grotesk. Bruce Wayne appears and puts the kibosh on the Commissioner's interrogation and takes his friend Franklin back to Wayne Manor. Back at the manor, Franklin explains that her brother faked his death, replacing himself with a derelict named Henry Jones. In faking his death, Wayne Franklin made a mistake and caught fire during the explosion. He jumped in the harbor to douse the flames, but was horribly burned. He used something called I-Gore to heal and rebuild himself as Grotesk. While the two are talking, Grotesk fires a rocket at the window at which they are standing. Wayne falls and Grotesk explains to his sister that Bruce Wayne is part of a group of people trying to kill him and steal his invention. Franklin denies it and Grotesk knocks her out with a tranquilizer dart.

When she awakes, her brother asks Franklin to help him get out of Gotham. She refuses, saying that it is time to end things. Grotesk says that rather than let Franklin go to jail or an asylum, he will kill her. He tells her that after she is dead he will take part of her face and affix it to himself so that they are always together. Batman crashes through the skylight and Grotesk fires a flamethrower at him. Grotesk fires a dart at Franklin and tells Batman that the dart contained an overdose of poison that will paralyze and kill her. Batman has a choice, catch Grotesk or save Franklin's life. Batman chooses the latter.

At Gotham Seaport, Grotesk pressgangs two port authority workers into helping him prepare a ship for sail. Meanwhile, Franklin tells Batman it is too late to save her and that Batman must go stop her brother. Batman rides a glider over the river and jumps into the the rigging of the sailboat Grotesk is piloting. He then begins to fight with Grotesk, while the ship plows ahead -- straight into the course of an oncoming freighter. Batman sees the freighter and at the last minute tosses attaches a bat-rope to the oncoming ship and swings free of the wreck, which claims Grotesk. Bruce Wayne attends Franklin's funeral and Alfred Pennyworth asks him what became of her brother. Wayne replies that no body was ever found and he can only presume that Grotesk drowned.


  • This issue shipped on January 10th, 2007.
  • Last bi-weekly issue.


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