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"Superheavy, Part One": A creature is attacking Gotham City, and Commissioner Maggie Saywer orders her men to stand back as the Batplane approaches on the skyline. It casts a light down onto the streets, casting the shadow of the Bat-Symbol in its wake. It's

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Batman (Volume 2) #41 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2015. It was published on June 10, 2015.

Synopsis for "Superheavy, Part One"

A creature is attacking Gotham City, and Commissioner Maggie Saywer orders her men to stand back as the Batplane approaches on the skyline. It casts a light down onto the streets, casting the shadow of the Bat-Symbol in its wake. It's the reverse of the Bat-Signal, and the new Batman, Jim Gordon, thinks it appropriate, since the city has been turned upside-down since the real Batman died.

From the plane, Julia Pennyworth - using the alias of Julia Perry to protect Bruce Wayne's identity - warns that the creature is giving off a field of bioelectric energy. Dropping to the ground, Jim Gordon hopes to discover what the creature's intent in Little Cuba is, and wonders why he agreed to this job.

Three months earlier, Geri Powers had offered him the role. Initially, he had assumed she wanted him to consult on the selection of the new Batman, and Geri admits that her superiors had wanted someone younger, but she knows that it couldn't be anyone else. He knows the city better than everyone. At the time, he had refused.

Julia discovers that the bioelectic energy source is somewhere nearby, and Jim notes that if it's nearby, someone must be controlling this energy creature, projecting their own bioelectric field. This creature isn't a monster - it's a trick.

When he learned of Powers' plan from Jim, Harvey Bullock doubted the choice, suggesting that his friend was too old to be Batman, forgetting that Jim was only 46. Sighing, Jim admitted that he'd always wondered how effective Batman could be if he'd worked within the confines of the law, proving that the system could work. Harvey responds that he never wondered. Despite the GCPD's failings during the last Joker attack, he believed the city could recover, and that the cadet recruits for the Batman program would prove capable enough that there'd be no need for Jim to step in. They were interrupted in their conversation on the roof of police headquarters when one of the cadets came up to face-chat with his infant son. Seeing this, Harvey knew Jim would be set on taking on the job, and swatted the cigarette from his mouth, reminding that if he was going to do this, he'd need to get Lasik on his eyes.

Batman explains that the monster is being used as a distraction. It had been attacking a bank, but if most of the bank's cash is traceable, it can't be the real target of the crime. The most valuable stash in Little Cuba belongs to its most famous resident: Dodger Valera. Tracing the power source, he uses an X-Ray visor to see that the energy source seems to be coming from inside the man he's identified as the perp. That perp is Precious Precious of the Whisper Gang; a thief.

Geri introduced Jim to an exosuit, designed by Powers. He had thought it looked more like a bunny than a bat. Julia, his prospective tactical strategist noted that it would grow on him. Geri introduced them, and went on to introduce the suit's designer, Daryl Gutierrez. Excitedly, Daryl demonstrated how easily he could change the suit's colour scheme, but Jim was unimpressed, feeling that the changes and the suit were nothing like the spirit of Batman. Geri responded that if he wanted to be a part of this project, he would have to accept it.

Feeling he's won, Precious Precious puts a gun to Valera's head, barely noticing the tiny Batarang that pierces his shoulder, before sending a heavy shock through his body. Jim had abandoned the metal suit in favour of a more familiar body-suit, and now appears to free Valera from his bonds.

Geri explained that this project would be dangerous and rife with the unknown. If Jim took on the role, he would be a new Batman. He would cease to be the police, but he would work with them and local governments. This would be a Batman of checks and balances - a better Batman - for the Gotham of their times. His identity would be kept secret from the public, and training would be required to transform himself. A subsidized apartment would act as Batcave.

Despite working through all of Geri's plans and stipulations, Jim became the Batman, and now, he worries at what he has agreed to do.

Elsewhere, a man walking through the park passes by a man sitting on a bench, and recognizes him as Bruce Wayne.

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