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"Superheavy, Part Two": Since becoming the Batman, Jim Gordon has had to shave off his moustache, give up guns in favour of Batarangs, and give up smoking, too. All of which are meeting with relative success. His tactical advisor, [[Julia Pennyworth (Prime

Quote1 I didn't work for him long, but I came to understand was... he never cared about what Batman meant. I mean he did, but not the way you do. Batman was simply him. His code. He just did what he thought was right, and what Batman stood for grew out of that. You worry about Batman meaning something to people, you'll go down fast. But if you stop and just be you, Jim... if you do it your way, the things you believe in, the things you stand for? Batman will stand for those, too. Quote2
Julia Perry

Batman (Volume 2) #42 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2015. It was published on July 8, 2015.

Synopsis for "Superheavy, Part Two"

Since becoming the Batman, Jim Gordon has had to shave off his moustache, give up guns in favour of Batarangs, and give up smoking, too. All of which are meeting with relative success. His tactical advisor, Julia Perry, is more concerned about how he is handling what he learned recently at the morgue. Jim insists that he's fine, with a glare, and Julia asks Daryl to show him his new Batmobile as a change of subject. Jim notes that it looks more like a Bat-truck, impressed, if a little overwhelmed by it.

Daryl interrupts to warn of an apparent threat - a massive disturbance in The Narrows, in Chinatown. He had developed an app after Batman died for citizens to indicate to others that they're in need of help - so that Gothamites can look after each other in the way that Batman had once looked out for them. It also gives them a head start on fighting crime, before 9-1-1 even gets word of it.

As he prepares to leap down from the batplane to the location of the threat, Jim reflects that he has never seen the city from high up, as a whole like this. As a cop, he had always thought in terms of the street level. From so high up, he can see the whole thing, challenging him. The city is hurting - especially in the Narrows, which were seriously affected by the Joker's last attack. Where Batman had once been exactly what the Narrows had needed, as a corporately funded entity, Jim's version of Batman is now representative of the very system that had failed the poor of the Narrows. He will have to prove himself.

As he descends upon Chinatown, Jim is knocked down by a fist made up of debris, in an apparently supernatural attack. The culprit, Julia reports, is Gee Gee Heung, a Triad leader in the Narrows, running the Devil Pigs faction. After attempting a quick take-down, Jim can see that something has changed in Heung - he appears to have metahuman abilities. Julia explains that he appears to have gained some kind of biological control over silicate - a compound from which nearly every building material is made. He can effectively use the city as a weapon.

Earlier, Jim had learned at the morgue that Precious Precious had died, despite being brought in alive. Commissioner Sawyer explained that what had killed him was apparently some kind of radioactive tech resembling a seed, that had been implanted in his ankle. As he was being booked, the device had activated, filling Precious' body with radiation, and killing him in seconds - just like several others who were found dead of radiation poisoning in the last few weeks. The coroner had found the seed devices in each of them, after the fact. It seemed that the seeds had been giving the individuals a kind of power to channel their biometric energy into a special ability. Whoever had given them must be like an arms dealer who deals in powers. However, the evidence suggested that whoever it was who implanted the seeds was still perfecting them. Most of those dead were experiments. Troublingly, the seeds were given to particularly dangerous people to begin with. Jim recognized each of them as crooks he had personally put away, and Maggie suggested that these crimes might be personal. Jim might have earned his first super-villain.

Unfortunately, Maggie refused to share any more information with him. Though Batman had always had a relationship with the commissioner before, Jim was a deputized Batman. He didn't work outside the law as the real Batman had. He must abide by the chain of command, and Powers, Inc. wanted the GCPD to handle this case for the time being. Honestly, Maggie hoped Jim would see the flaw in this methodology, and give up before it got to him. Unmoved, Jim excused himself.

Searching for a weakness in Heung, Jim realized that heat would cause the silicate to melt and then harden. Using thermal energy, he traps Heung in place, but moments later, Jim is knocked into the river, trapped under the weight of another silicate-fist. Worriedly, Julia warns that the suit can't take that much pressure for long. Knowing he can't escape, Jim nearly gives up hope before remembering that he can control the new Batmobile remotely. He calls it, and it drops down heavily on Heung's body, crushing him under its weight. Worriedly, Jim sifts through the rubble to find Heung and warn him of the danger of the seed in his ankle. Heung responds that Mr. Bloom will come for this new Batman, and he's growing a garden of super-humans.

Afterwards, Jim returns to practising his batarang toss when he is interrupted again by Julia. He suspects aloud that she used to work with the Batman. She tries to play it innocently, but Jim presses her, and she admits that she came to understand that the real Batman never cared about what the idea of Batman meant - not like Jim does. He did what he thought was right, and Batman stood for what flowed from those acts. She suggests that Jim just be himself and do what he feels is right, because that will be what Batman means.

Elsewhere, Duke Thomas' friends argue over whether the real Batman is truly dead - but Duke knows the truth. Bruce Wayne appears, volunteering at his girlfriend Julie Madison's place of work. While heading into the store room, looking for some clay for craft supplies, Bruce is surprised to see Jim Gordon, whom he does not seem to recognize, and who introduces himself as the Batman. He feels they should talk.

Appearing in "Superheavy, Part Two"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Gee Gee Heung (Single appearance; dies)
  • Mister Bloom (Behind the scenes) (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Julie Madison
  • Edie Fatiano (Appears only as a corpse) (Flashback only)
  • Tam Canacoo (Appears only as a corpse) (Flashback only)





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