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"Superheavy, Part Seven": Despite having been prepared to act on a swift judgment thanks to his work with the Gotham City Police Department, Jim Gordon has also learned that no matter how well informed his decisions and well-tuned his gut instincts might be, Go

Quote1.png You want to be free of it! You want to be this guy! But anyone could be who you are now! The one you were before, that guy, no one could be but you! You inspired us, Bruce. To be more than we could be. Not to just be... enough. Quote2.png
Duke Thomas

Batman (Volume 2) #47 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2016. It was published on December 9, 2015.

Synopsis for "Superheavy, Part Seven"

Despite having been prepared to act on a swift judgment thanks to his work with the Gotham City Police Department, Jim Gordon has also learned that no matter how well informed his decisions and well-tuned his gut instincts might be, Gotham always throws something unexpected at him. Moments ago, as he had hoped to trap Mister Bloom in his hide-away, Jim's own robotic Batsuit turned on him, and it now grips him around the neck. Julia Perry explains that Bloom must have put a transmitter inside the suit during their last encounter. Every attempt the suit makes to resist Bloom's commands is over-ridden in seconds. At Bloom's command, the suit tosses Jim through the roof, flinging him high into the air - headed for a collision with a low-flying news-chopper.

Fortunately, Jim manages to grapple onto the roof again, before being sliced to pieces by its propeller, but gravity kicks in, and he tumbles through the roof again, landing on a crate full of Bloom's seeds. Acting quickly, he faces the suit, considering what resources he has available to fight an AI that is so advanced. He places a molecular contractor on the suit's shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and sweeps its legs out from under it, getting clear. While the suit is immobile, it trains on him with its missile launchers, and upon firing, it self destructs, leaving Jim without his partner.

Meanwhile, Duke Thomas has had trouble getting away from the Penguin and his associates in the Iceberg Lounge, having got his foot stuck in the jaws of Great White Shark. With few options, Duke splashes a bottle of acid at them all, using their pained recoiling as an opportunity to continue his climb up the rope to his escape hatch. Unfortunately, the ice walls don't hide him well, and the Penguin tracks his movements, firing his gun.

Despite defeating his suit, Jim is pinned by Mister Bloom to the floor. The creature taunts him, admitting that he would have liked for Jim to survive to see the change in him - the future grown from his seeds. Jim notes that after crashing into the crate of them, they're not in great shape. An electric charge from his suit when he landed overloaded them. If he has succeeded in thwarting Bloom's plan, he says, he is okay to go down in the line of duty - that was always an expectation. Bloom tries to take his shot, but his abilities seem to be blocked - as it turns out, blocked by the blocker that Julia designed, which remains intact in the robotic Batsuit's helmet.

Duke survives the attack on him, surfacing in the cold water on the dock at the lounge. As he tries to climb up a nearby ladder, he is spotted by two of the Penguin's goons. Before they can shoot him down, the crack of a baseball bat comes down on their heads, and Duke is surprised to see Bruce Wayne standing in their place. He comments that if Duke hadn't wanted help, he shouldn't have used the Fox Center's computers to do his research.

Duke doesn't want Bruce's help or concern, despite Bruce's sincere desire to be there for him. For months, Duke had given him the cold shoulder, and now he's saved him from some apparently bad men. At the least, he feels he deserves an explanation of what Duke's problem with him is. Before Duke can respond, he is distracted by a text message from Daryl Gutierrez, who claims that he has news on Duke's parents.

After further pressing, Duke responds that the problem he has is that despite his obvious proclivity for deduction and problem solving, Bruce hasn't managed to deduce the most obvious truth about himself - and it's been staring him right in the face. His failure to see it is a kind of selfishness. Bruce seeks to be free of the truth that he fears. Anyone could be who Bruce is now. Before, though, Bruce had been a source of inspiration - to him and others. He leads Bruce down into the subway, and stands on the tracks, despite the danger of an oncoming train. As it speeds toward them, he pushes Bruce to remember; to recall what shape the missing pieces of his past must take. The headlights of the train speed closer, and Duke challenges Bruce to look into them and tell him what he sees. The train's brakes screech, and in that moment, Bruce is shaken by the image of the train as a massive bat, screeching and bearing down on them. Despite this, he has the presence of mind to grab Duke and throw him to safety. Aware that he's shaken Bruce up a bit too much, Duke apologizes and warns him away from him and his work.

Jim recovers in the Bat-Truck, and sees out the window that the people of The Narrows are thanking him for ridding them of Bloom. Gladly, he thanks Julia and Daryl for their help, joking that he wonders where Batman takes his vacation. From his cell in the back of the truck, Mister Bloom calls out that Batman takes a dirt vacation. Ignoring the goading, Jim questions Bloom on what his plan was. Teasingly, Bloom responds that getting caught might have been his plan. Annoyed, Jim decides to finally unmask his quarry, but before he can do so, his arm is pierced by the long finger of another Bloomm ripping through the roof of the truck. Though they are concerned about what's going on in the back of the truck, Julia and Daryl are disturbed to see that they are headed for a gang of several more Blooms, who set the truck off balance and cause it to flip onto its side. Gotham has thrown Jim another wild card.

Still shaken by Duke's attempt to get him to see the truth, Bruce sits on a park bench and tries to force himself to admit the truth. Just as he's preparing to say out loud, finally, that he is Batman, he is interrupted by a stranger, who asks to sit beside him. The stranger comments that he has seen Bruce sitting there from time to time, and Bruce admits that he had an accident near there. With a chuckle, the stranger admits that he was, too.

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