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"The Abyss, Part 1: "Now it's a Party!"": In Gotham City, the people are celebrating many things. They celebrate their survival; the Magistrate is gone; Scarecrow's been convicted. Two thugs are not celebrating though, as they are intent on robbing a pawn sho

Quote1 I'm not used to Gotham celebrating... me. Quote2
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Batman (Volume 3) #118 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2022. It was published on December 7, 2021.

Synopsis for The Abyss, Part 1: "Now it's a Party!"

In Gotham City, the people are celebrating many things. They celebrate their survival; the Magistrate is gone; Scarecrow's been convicted. Two thugs are not celebrating though, as they are intent on robbing a pawn shop. One of the thugs thinks they should be out celebrating with the rest of the city, but the other doesn't care. The smart one looks up and sees something on a roof he thinks resembles the Batman, but the other reassures him its just a gargoyle. As the two begin argueing, the gargoyle gets up and reveals itself as something that is in fact, not a gargoyle. The Batman. Outside the alley, two cops are patrolling the partying streets in a car. They talk about how well things have been going in Gotham, when the two thugs run out of the alley and begin banging on the car windows. They admit to all of their crimes and turn themselves in, explaining that this would be better than getting a beating from the bat. Meanwhile, Batman swings away from the scene and him and Barbara have a talk about how the city is celebrating. Batman feels like something is off, while Barabara finds it funny he sees people happy and is suspicous. She suggest he take a break as he's been going through a lot as of late, but he says its no more than usual. Barbara than informs him of some hired killers that she spotted travelling up-town. She says there's a party being thrown by the wealthy in that neighborhood. Batman says he isn't upset they left him out, but "...it has a theme..." At the party, a banner hangs above the balcony, "Billionaires Ball: Villains of Gotham!" The wealthy dress as all their favorite criminals, some Two-Faces and Riddlers, a few Harley Quinns, and more. Barabara says that if the mercs are going to be in costume too, hey will be late, but Bruce explains they already are. Killers walk differently and some don't fit well in a crowd. Suudenly Firefly reveals himself by sending a burst of flame into the air. The crowd screams and starts running, but the mercs take a few hostages. A Killer Croc impersonator jumps out of thee crowd and starts beating the mercs. Firefly sees this and comments that he's worked with Croc before, and he doesn't move the way this person is. So he torches the Croc with his flamethrower, only for the rubber suit to give way and reveal the Batman standing menacingly. Firefly realizes his mistake and sends the merc dressed as Joker after him. The joker comes at Batman with knives only to be put down with ease. Firefly tries to escape by flying off but Batman uses his grappling hook to catch his ankle and pull him down for a final blow. The crowd cheers and a joker tells someone to get the bat a drink. A little girl dressed as Punchline asks for the Batman's autograph. He signs and flies away. He talks to Barbara about how isn't use to this. People celebrating him. Barbara asks him to come over and have celebratory bagels with Dick in Blüdhaven, but Batman says he'll be going offline for 48 hours as a news blimp floats above him. "BATMAN INC. ARRESTED! MAN-OF-BATS EL GUACHO BAT-MAN OF CHINA THE DARK RANGER THE HOOD BREAKING NEWS" it says. "MURDER" it says. Later, Batman flies to Badhnisia to investigate. A detective named Cayha goes into the building where the supposed murder took place. In the basement, a peice of black liquid sits in the center of the chalk outline. Cayha calls for someone saying they missed some evidence. Batman then appears behind her, instructing her not to touch it. Cayha backs away, shocked, and angry but then realizes who it is. She gives him a name, saying the "monster who dies" was Abyss. She explains how Abyss had taken 27 people right off the street in about a year, then Batman Inc. turned themselves in after Abyss' body was found. She expects Batman has come here to prove that they were framed, but he says they weren't. They did kill Abyss. Now he needs to know why. He explains that they were once the Club of Heroes, but disbanded. Cayha brings up "that one rich guy" that sponsered Batman Inc. and Batman replies with Bruce Wayne. She says though it was not Wayne, but "Him.", as a certain formally dressed bald man walks down into the room with an L on the collar of his suit, "Luthor."

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