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"I Am Suicide, Part Five": The current situation at Santa Prisca is as follows: Ventriloquist is waiting for directives in the sewers, as he was told by Catwoman; Punch and Jewlee are

Quote1 Oh, Bronze Tiger, don't you know? It's not impossible. It's Batman. Quote2

Batman (Volume 3) #13 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2017. It was published on December 21, 2016.

Synopsis for "I Am Suicide, Part Five"

The current situation at Santa Prisca is as follows: Ventriloquist is waiting for directives in the sewers, as he was told by Catwoman; Punch and Jewlee are down and Bane's men are dragging them away. Bronze Tiger has been taken to a cell with other inmates; Batman himself is on his knees, at the feet of Bane's throne. Beside the foe are Catwoman and the man Batman needs to save Gotham Girl, and the whole reason the team got there, Psycho-Pirate.

Back at the Batcave, Alfred is rubbing a glass case when Amanda Waller suddenly comes in. She suggests that it was always her plan to get Batman there by "unfortunately" losing control of Hugo Strange and the Pirate, so that she could get some files undisturbed.

In Santa Prisca, Bane understands that breaking Batman physically is inproductive, so he'll try something else. He explains that he knows why Batman does what he does, because they're the same: he, too, went looking for "a monster" once. And they do that because they don't have the guts to pull the trigger on their heads, so they find a monster and try to die in his arms. But that ends now, because Bane says he found a cure: the Psycho-Pirate is able to turn one's emotions the way he pleases, so he was able to make Bane better and the same will go for Batman. Bane only asks of Batman to tell him what he wants, but Batman answers: "I want to break your damn back", infuriating his enemy. Meanwhile, Bronze Tiger bought some Venom from an inmate and is now able to break free of the cell, crawl through an air vent and reach Bane's throne room with the Ventriloquist; Punch and Jewlee, who got apparently killed by Catwoman, stand up and talk about clothing, dogs and having a kid, while they make big bubbles with chewing gum: as the chewing gum explodes around them, creating a protective layer, they burn the room they were taken to and jump out the window in the sea. With a signal from Batman, Catwoman suddenly attacks Bane, kicking him in the back.

Batman orders Bronze Tiger to lock the door as Bane's men will be coming, while Ventriloquist must take care of the Psycho-Pirate. The Pirate is amused at the idea that the fat, old man could get him, but he doesn't know the whole point behind Batman taking him along: as Wesker is in danger, Scarface (his other identity that emerges as a ventriloquist's puppet) punches the Pirate in the face, as the only one who can control Wesker. The Ventriloquist himself is then knocked out by Bronze Tiger. Catwoman blows up a wall of the prison and the team finds outside, waiting, Punch and Jewlee on a bubble-gum rubber boat. Batman stops for a moment to talk to the defeated enemy: in the next few days he may be tempted to seek out his monster, but he really should listen to his own words and stay safe.

On the boat, Batman assures that his promises will be kept for everyone. Then, he and Catwoman kiss, but they both know they can't have a life together.

Bane, defeated, is reached by his soldiers. They ask what he needs and he screams: VENOM!

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