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"I Am Gotham, Part Three": Gotham City. Park Row. Then.

Quote1 You feel each blow to the city as a blow to your own body. And you wonder when you, too, might fall. But that, Ms. Waller, is merely an illusion, a rather nifty trick of the mind. It is how the people of this city accept what they cannot accept. Indeed, what they should not accept. It lullabies them into complicity. Teaches them to ignore the horrors. To embrace the horrors. To become the horrors. It is our goal, then, to eliminate this illusion. To free the people from the psychosis of the city. They will not riot! They will resist! They will not panic! They will persevere! Villains will surrender. Heroes will triumph. And with my coaxing and Roger's gifts... they will finally separate the life of the mind from the rot of the city. And they will declare... I am not Gotham. I am better than Gotham. Quote2
Hugo Strange

Batman (Volume 3) #3 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of September, 2016. It was published on July 20, 2016.

Synopsis for "I Am Gotham, Part Three"

Gotham City. Park Row. Then. A family of three walking from a movie theatre heads into an alley. It looks like the same-old Batman origin story, but something isn't quite right. Along with the scenes, an unknown narrator talks about growing up in Gotham. The family get stopped by a man with a gun. The father tries to talk the assailant down, but he gets punched him in the stomach. The assailant then comes after the mother; the son is crying. The assailant grabs the gold chain around the mother's neck and points his gun at her like he's going to shoot, but he is stopped by Batman who shouts "NO." Batman tells the family, specifically the boy, that they're going to be scared for awhile, which is fine because everyone gets scared. But it also gives everyone an opportunity to be brave and fight the fear.

Gotham City. Robbinsville. Now. The father from the attempted robbery, whose name is Henry Clover, was the narrator talking about growing up in Gotham. He is telling his story to an FBI agent, who is there asking about Henry's children, Hank and Claire. Henry tells how after the attempted robbery, Hank became obsessed with Batman and helping people. Claire, who was at a friend's house at the time of the robbery, does whatever her older brother does. Hank and Claire began helping people, however they could. When they weren't helping, they were training. Last year, they went overseas for charity work; they had their dad wire them some money, for what he doesn't know. When they came back last month, Gotham City now had Gotham and Gotham Girl. The FBI agent is interested in the payment. When Mrs. Clover asks the agents name again, he says that it's Matches Malone.

"Agent Malone", who is really Bruce Wayne is disguise, leaves the Clovers' house and is told by Alfred that a suicide bomber has attacked the Vincefinkle Bridge during rush hour while shouting "The Monster Men are coming." Bruce's car splits in half and out comes the Batcycle with Bruce in full Batman costume. Bruce is four minutes away.

Meanwhile, Gotham and Gotham Girl are at the bridge saving people. Gotham doesn't think he can hold the bridge up much longer, but Gotham Girl says it's "ok" because Batman is there.

Meanwhile, another narrator is talking to Ms. Waller about Gotham City, and its people learning to ignore, embrace, and become the horrors. It's Hugo Strange.

Back at the bridge, Batman tells Gotham and Gotham girls that while he runs down the leads, they will watch the city. Gotham thanks Batman for helping them and tries to tell him about the time in the alley; Batman interrupts by telling him it's good to see what he did with his fear as Batman leaves the scene. Gotham Girl points out that Batman let them see him leave this time. Another bomb goes off. Gotham Girl says they should have a rallying cry to which Gotham points out that Batman doesn't have one. Gotham Girl asks Gotham that if Batman jumped off a bridge, would he? To which Gotham points out that Batman just did jump off a bridge.

Gotham and Gotham Girl arrive at the building where the bomb went off. Gotham Girl tries another rallying cry to which Gotham says it's growing on him. The run into Hugo Strange and the Psycho-Pirate, who is the master of emotions, including theirs.

To be continued…

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Two of Gotham Girl's suggestions for a rallying cry are "Gotham's, gather" Webb flying to the second bombing and "Go, Go, Gothams" when flying in to salvage the building. The former is similar to the Avengers catchphrase ("Avengers Assemble!") and the tagline\signature lyric for the Power Rangers franchise ("Go, Go, Power Rangers!")

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