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"I Am Gotham, Part Five": Batman tells Alfred that Gotham intends to destroy the city and he won't get there in time. Batman asks him to do what he can do.

Quote1.png Fine. Fine. Do it, then. Kill Gotham. But this city--it's just brick and concrete. It didn't free the Pirate. Or hurt those soldiers. And it damn well didn't murder your parents. The Pirate was here because I couldn't stop the chaos that bleeds this city. You hurt those soldiers because I told you to fly to them. And your parents...they were murdered because I couldn't save them! You want to kill Gotham?! For being weak! For being afraid! For failing again and again and again! I am Gotham. Kill me. Quote2.png

Batman (Volume 3) #5 is an issue of the series Batman (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2016. It was published on August 17, 2016.

Synopsis for "I Am Gotham, Part Five"

Batman tells Alfred that Gotham intends to destroy the city and he won't get there in time. Batman asks him to do what he can do.

Meanwhile, Gotham lands downtown and tells people to run. Elsewhere, Alfred is putting on the Batsuit and driving the Batmobile, talking to Thomas as if he was there, entrusting Bruce to Alfred's care. Alfred continues his fake conversation with Thomas as he crashes into Gotham with the Batmobile. Gotham asks Batman-Alfred who he is to which Alfred replies that he's Batman. When Gotham tells him that he's just a man in a mask, Batman-Alfred is about to try to convince him otherwise when Bruce says that he's there. Batman-Alfred says "Oh, thank God" and runs off. The real Batman attacks Gotham and tries to talk to him. Batman blows up the Batmobile that Alfred drove to try to take Gotham down.

Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Duke mentions that at some point Bruce is going to run out of Batmobiles. Claire sneaks up on Duke as he's watching the scene unfold on the monitors. She is still affected by Psycho-Pirate, but at least now she's up.

Back on the streets of Gotham, Batman is still trying to convince Gotham to listen to him. When Gotham asks Batman what he's going to do, Batman respond that he's going to crash a plane into him, which he then does so with the Batplane. Batman then tells Alfred to "make the call" on the Batphone.

Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Claire freaks out and throws the case with the Robin suit into the monitors, destroying both. She says he brother's never left her, and now she's alone.

Back on the streets of Gotham, Gotham says that he tried to save Gotham, but you just can't. The Justice League arrives, and Gotham fights them. Batman realizes that Gotham's powers adjusts according to who he is fighting. He tells Duke that he needs to find out how from Gotham Girl. Claire explains how they bought their powers. She tells Duke how the more they use their powers, the more years off their life they lose. Batman tells Gotham that the city is just brick and concrete, and that the real one to blame for everything is himself; Batman is Gotham, so Gotham should kill him. Just as Gotham is about to do just that, Gotham Girls flies in and stops him. Gotham dies. Gotham Girl narrates and talks about how years later, after they were married, she and Duke would come back to that place and remember that there is where it all started, the origin of Gotham Girl, and the death of Batman.

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